Sunday, August 17

I will remember this- 9


Vivianne had been dating this guy from Gambia for quite some time now, almost four years, but have  tried to keep it a secret from Nicole and the community at large. Not that she was embarrased by the whole ordeal, which she was, but for the sake of whatever imposed integrity she still pretended to pursue. The embarrassment was mainly a result of him not getting the grip of her and thinking she was of lesser value than other high class pussy he also had access too. He had underestimated her intelligence so gravely that she didn't really know how to restore the relationships status quo any longer, if it even was possible. She had let things slide in favour of well packed joints and orgasmic sex, but now when she had realized this was completely perfect and all she could ever want from this miserable existance, he had found something better.
The circle of life. She had no idea what was better than she and didn't want to imagine either, but effortlessly her mind wandered to younger, tighter and more wealthy pussies. Understandable as such. He was not pretending to be anyhting else than a golddigger and a pleasureseeker himself. They were quite alike in that matter, but she really missed the highs and the sex and finally confessed to Nicole:
- Nicole, the last time we fucked it was amazing. I am telling you it was amazing. It was so perfect I could not wish for anything better
- How many times did you come? Does he have a big dick? I've heard about those africans....
- No baby, his dick is just normal, but he knows how to make a woman come when he puts his mind to it and this time he did. It was so damn good Nicole, I came about ten time or more, but then afterwards he just gets up, gets dressed and leaves.
- Wow..anticlimax?
- Yes, this is what I'm talking about, anticlimax!! He's been talking about ”let's make a baby” and stuff and then ..nothing, silence. Was it the last fuck?
- Did it feel like that?
- It almost did, but I know him, it can go months but he still comes back. It's just that this time I don't want to wait not even hours..what should I do Nicole?
- I don't know darling, but you know I'm always here for you.
- I know baby,. Nobody licks pussy as good as you.
- Thank you dear, you want me to come over right now? 
- Yes, baby, please, Im dying here...

While Mrs.  Breeze and Mrs. Termo were working things out on their own Mr. Gruber had a more than difficult time to relate to his wife.
Inga, I don't know what to say, you know as well as I do that this has never happened before.

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