Wednesday, August 6

I will remember this- 8

- Mrs. Breeze and Mrs. Termo!
- Olof Gruber finally found their secret hiding place.
- Olof darling, so good to see you again
Vivianne gave him airkisses on the cheeks, Nicole just nodded and smiled.
Join us, we were just having some coffee before we go shopping for the funeral. You're going too aren't you?
- Well, I haven't really decided yet, we had our little own service for him at the Facility and it would perhaps be too much to attend the funeral too. We weren't exactly related, but as I said, still undecided. So, the two of you are definitely going then?
- Yes, Nicole here lived just above him, didn't you know? Anyway, she took it rather personally, didn't you dear?
- Yes, I suppose I did. It feels quite terrible to be honest, that he was lying dead for so long and nobody noticed. I thought he was away you know.
- I'm so sorry to hear this Mrs. Breeze. You with your recent divorce too, this must be very hard on you Nicole.
- Things could have been better Mr. Gruber.
- Olof, Nicole, Olof. It feels like we have known eachother long enough now to be on first name basis

Olof put his hand on Nicoles shoulder and insisted on a moment of prolongued eyecontact. This was not something that Vivianne did not notice. This was a new behaviour for Mr. Gruber, something about him was changed, but she couldn't put her finger on what it was exactly. Feeling a little left out she abrubted their tender moment with one of her notorious loud laughs.
- I guess we all are on first name basis here, Olof, and have been for quite some time.

The creature had failed. It had been too sympathetic about M. Oppenheimers progress in the afterlife and had given him too much leeway to roam freely for a while. He had been fooled, voluntarily perhaps, out of boredom or curiosity to see what would happen and was now working on a plausible excuse for the Council. It's a fairly simple organisation, just for the sake of it. To organize, too keep things organized, to help people get organized. To find new organs to inhabit for the newly migrated. Allthough M. Oppenheimer was on the run in the universe and the creature did not know for sure where he was, he knew where to look and this made things easier in the explanatory section.
- I lost him
- Why?
- I wanted to.
- Why?
- He was driving me crazy.

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