Monday, August 4

I will remember this- 7


The planning for the late M. Oppenheimers next entrance to the physical realm had begun. First they had to thoroughly check the status of his soulconsciousness. It seemed to be fairly intact and enriched by its previous experience and was now experiencing the type of boredom and restlessness that was significant for personalityshedding and served as clearance for a new lifetime. There was of course a variety of planets and lifeforms that could be inhabited, but the former Oppenheimer wasn't all done with planet Earth just yet. This section of his soul was predisposed for this particular area and had already made a prior committment with the other souls within the same fraction of the spacetimecontinuum. They were at least five of them that had made arrangements for at least seven lifetimes where they would interact on a more personal level. The five then had made similar arrangements with other groupsouls to interact with. People they enjoyed having around or had some unfinished business with. The unfinished business was often used as an excuse to keep the strings attached, unless boredom entered and nobody cared anymore. Friendly or hostile mattered not, as long as the nature of the interaction brought excitement, but when that faded, it was over. That usually happened in the more personal relations, not within the larger groups, they had a tendency to keep the fire burning no matter what. The more the merrier one could say. Soulwise.

When Dr. Gruber was done with the autopsy of M. Oppenheimer and had gone through the repulsive chestopening procedure, it was clear that he had died of heartfailure. It was strange because he was so tall and thin and not the type who usually suffers this kind of trauma, but perhaps that is what is whas. A trauma of a more emotional nature. What could it have been? She knew he worked with her husband, more than once had she heard the stories about his mad theories and how they all mocked him. Olof had a way of telling the stories too, so she couldn't help laughing at them herself. Now she felt a bit sad about this. She knew before him about Oppenheimers death too. Nobody had missed him at work either. It was not unusual that the scientists at the Facility took a few months off for research or vacation. Just like she and Olof had done last year, when they travelled to Mongolia. It was not as easy for her to get six weeks vacation from the hospital, but not impossible either.  

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