Friday, August 1

I will remember this -6


Nicole was on her fifth martini and getting a little tipsy.
- Vivi, he had been lying there for six and a half weeks! Dead! Do you understand what I'm saying?
- No dear, I don't want to hear another word about it. Look at that fatso at the bar, he's staring at us! Who does he think he is?
Vivi raised her voice and shouted across the room:
- We are not for you fatty!! Get it? We're too pretty for you! Now take your googly eyes and direct them elsewhere.
Nicole continued her drunken mumbling:
- Vivi, how far can worms travel? Can they crawl upwards?
It was too late. Vivianne Termo was once again about to prove herself to the world and ripped her blue silk blouse open and grabbed her unsuspecting girls firmly while continuing the oral abuse of the overweight ogler.
- Is this what you want to see, fatty? Here, fatty, fatty, here!
She bounced them up and down and laughed while throwing her blond curly head backwards. Then quickly turned around facing Nicole.
- Nicole, wake up! You have to help! They have spotted me.
- No sir, I did no such thing.
- No, she really didn't, that man must be so drunk he's hallucinating.
- Ok ladies, behave now and we will let it slip this time.
It was a small town. Their reputation had reached Red before them.

Inga and Olof, the Grubers, also knew Vivianne Termo much to well. The white picket fence that had separated them for the two years they lived side by side on Southstreet had not done any good at all. That gruelsome woman used to climb over it, because she felt it was unecessary to walk all the way out from her own gate and make a u-turn into theirs. Once she ripped up her pink yogapants on the fence and started screaming hysterically. Both Olof and Inga were relieved to finally have gotten rid of her, but somehow she had also enlivened their living and now they enjoyed talking about how terrible she was.
- Do you remember that friend she had that used to come over?
- Mrs Breeze you mean? Yes.
- She seemed much nicer didn't she?
Inga looked at Olof with a troubled face.
- You liked her?
- No, I didn't say that, but in comparison to that monster..
He tried to hide his thoughts from his wife, but knew this was futile. She had already spotted him fantasizing about undressing Mrs. Breeze and more so.

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