Sunday, August 24

I will remember this- 11


- Nicole...Nicole..
- ...what?
- You phone is ringing.
- I'm too tired..
Then it stopped.

Inga woke up early even though it was Sunday. Programmed since birth to be an early riser. She envied those people who had no schedule, no sense of time. Freeloaders. Another thing to look forward to when retirement knocks on the door. Sleep. Not so far away now. Olof was weird last night, she thought to herself while she loaded the perculator. She sat down by the kitchenwindow and waited for that soothing and familiar sound to begin. It was raining outside. Late August. The summer had been more than enough but still she had a feeling of dissatisfaction. Maybe it's the new house, she thought. It hasn't gotten that feeling of home yet. No, it was something else.

Olof pretended to still be asleep when he heard Inga waking up beside him. He wasn't sure if he wanted to wake up. What happened yesterday? Was it a dream? Is he going crazy? His heart started beating faster and he tried not to reveal the rising panick. He focused on controlling his breathtakes. They wanted to be short and fast but he forced them to slow down. He remembered when he and Inga some 20 years ago went to a yogaretreat and he never though he would ever have any use for those excerises, until now. Slowly he started feeling happy and like himself again. It was a strange feeling, almost like he hadn't noticed what a happy guy he was before. The memory of the night faded away and was put in hiding in a safe corner of the brain until the time was right to process it.
- Good morning darling!
Olof cheerfully said to his wife while he stumbled into the kitchen with the robe wide open.
- Oh, for Gods sake Olof, close that thing, the neighbours can see you!
- I hope they do. I really hope they do.

There was one policeofficer who wasn't happy with Dr. Grubers results from the autopsy. Cause of death: sudden cardiac arrest. What caused it? Were there no traces of anything suspicious in his blood? He must call her up on Monday to get some things clarified. He had forgotten it was Sunday and already made some phonecalls to people who refused to answer.
Other people have lives, he mumbled to himself while feeding the precinct canine with the leftovers of his ham and cheese sandwhich that he had for breakfast.
There you go Ogre, eat it all up now.

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