Wednesday, July 9

Online dating hell

You know how it is. You sign up on a datesite, upload a nice enough photo, write a short but yet alluring presentation, then wait. Seconds later there are new visitors on your profile. Are they hot? Mails start pouring in. Too many to have the time to answer them all, so you start to be selective. Saying only "Hello, how are you?" is not sufficient to catch your interest unless the persons profile picture is attractive. Then you get into smalltalk with a lot of different people simultaneously. Can I fuck them? You Think. Which ones? The hot ones of course. Then you get caught up in a Little deeper conversations with someone who claims to be intelligent. I fell for the bait and had to test if this person was right about himself. He was not. Apparently. It doesn't matter because he was one of the disposables, not hot enough to actually be considered fuckable, but could have been sufficient for emergency solutions.
Summer is short, I'm just sayin'...
I like the ones who are straight forward and describes the size of their genitals and what they are willing to do, likes etc. One liked it outdoors, with the risk of getting caught. Too bad he lived so far away. Then there are one with a very nice profile picture who doesn't reveal much about himself, but keep asking me a lot of question and since I like what I see, I keep answering. You never know though, who's really behind all these profiles. Surely a few of them are fake ones.
If they don't ask for my real name or website, this Place, I don't give it to them. Stalling the surprise. After linking to my blog some just stop talking to me and then there are those who already know and lavish me with praise for being so immensely cool. I like the latter better. I should perhaps add to my short presentation that I'm a infamous badgirl so that they don't expect some mormon housewife. Or badgirl sounds a little whorish, but maybe they like that. Evil, arrogant piece of ass. I don't know, how would you describe me with a few Words?
Well, then you go offline and out in the park. Spread out the towel and flash your bikini to the sun and not forget, but get distracted by other things. Real people right in front of you. Those teeth were blinding. Oh, out in the park I also notice that my skin do sparkle, like Edwards.

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