Thursday, July 3


I have not gotten my computer fixed yet. Therefore no fancy Photoshops. So boring to not have what I'm used to having. I can't even scan the artwork because the graphic card got deleted when I tried to Clean up the programs and it won't even connect to internet so I can't download a new one either. And, I can't figure out why every third Word here is getting a capital letter in the middle of a sentence. It makes no sense. Have I accidentaly turned on some German autocorrect-function?

I was planning to share some datesite gossip but got cought up in computerhell. Ok, I've joined one datingsite, just one and I'm getting a lot of emails from people. Most of them seem nice and maybe I will take the time to get to know a few of them for real. But when you're 44 and have already given your heart to so many people who all have fucking failed at caring for it whatsoever, I have no hopes

Well, today I found out that don't have skincancer anyway, and that's a good thing. Had a good but expensive laugh at the doctors office.

Oh, I almost forgot. A suitable themesong for my current lovelife. A requiem if you will.

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