Thursday, July 31

I will remember this - 5


Space. The final frontier. His secret shame. Oppenheimers vast collection of Star Trek dvd's finally revealed itself. It was his brother who found it. Childish rubbish, he thought, but knew it was too cherished to be tossed in the garbage. Maybe some of the grandchildren would want it. He packed it in the box marked with ”save”. It was already getting heavy though, from a pair of candlesticks in silver and books. D. Oppenheimer knew the value of books and was intelligent enough to not rule out the possibility of life after death.
- Are you here M? It's D, your brother
No answer.
- I suppose we're not very talkative today then.
- Au contraire, I hear you loud and clear!

M. Oppenheimer shouted from a galaxy far far away. He had made friends with the creature and were now living out his dream of travelling in space. They had already visited all the planets in the solarsystem, except Saturn and Pluto. He insisted that Pluto was still a planet.
- What is your name by the way?
Oppenheimer tuned his head away from the screen. They had invented a spaceship to travel with.
- Whatever you want it to be.
- Hmm, let's see...
He sighed deeply and smiled while he adjusted his glasses. They had already gone through this many times before. He found it particularly odd that the creature didn't have a name. Didn't really seem right. Oppenheimer was sure he had one, but was reluctant to reveal it. Perhaps it was embarrassing, a girls name, or resembled something unfavorable.
- I find it quite endearing that you are shy about your name.

The creature that actually had no name was in fact insulted that humans couldn't accept this. It would restrain my character. I would feel trapped. It reasoned quietly while keeping one eye on the newcomer. It's always the same. All the things they never got to see or do. Clinging on to their physical shapes as much as possible. Keeping beloved items, like the glasses. He must know he has no real use for them by now, the creature thought and felt a sting of affection towards the poor soul.
He really didn't get to play a lot while living. That was obvious.
- Ok, my name is Cursor Versus.
The creature blurted out in a spur of inspiration.
- Is that good enough?
Oppenheimers constant stream of thoughts were abruptly interrupted.
- Cursor Versus? No, you can't have a cool name like that. How did you...?
He was baffled and impressed.
- Maybe I should get a new name too, what do you think?
- I think that is a great idea. It means you are moving on and letting go, getting adjusted. What combination of sounds do think describes your current state of being then?
- I want to have a normal conversation.
Suddenly Oppenheimer became aware of his predicament and remembered life as it used to be.

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