Wednesday, July 30

I will remember this- 4


    After examining M. Oppenheimers body it was clear that it was impossible to determine the exact cause of death. There was nothing wrong with him. No infections, no trauma, no toxic substances found. She had to keep on looking. A person does not simply die. Not at age 72. There is always a cause. They had not examined the heart yet. Opening the chest was Dr. Grubers least favourite operation. Some pathologists took great pleasure in just that, but she really didn't. It was the sound of the bones breaking that she couldn't get out of her head. Every time she had the misfortune of having to do that ghastly procedure it haunted her for days. It restrained her from eating meat periodically, particularly chicken. Which was a shame, because it was her husbands favourite dish. Olof took great pride in his chicken tandoori.
    - Ah, there you are Nicole darling! How are you holding up?
    - Not at all Vivi, not for a second longer.
    - Let's get us some drinks, shall we?
    - Make them plenty and potent.
    - Oh you jolly fool. I know exaclty the right place.
    - Antonios?
    - No darling, I found something better! You will love this!
Usually they went to Antonios, where they had been tossed out once or twice, for undecent behaviour. Drinking togehter they always lost control and started groping any ass in sight, which some enjoyed and some didn't. It was like playing Russian roulette and at Antonios they had gotten their heads blown one time too many, but still, they were paying customers and at least good looking and orderly on a regular Wednesday afternoon. But that was not today. Today was Friday and Vivianne hade been investigating the terrain and discovered a little place called Red. Short and easy to remember. How come they haven't stumbled upon this place before? Was it new?
- They opened last Saturday! Remember Olsens supermarket?
- Yes, I loved their raspberryjam.
- Well, forget it, this is it now!

Their patent high heals pierced the red carpet and majestically they slided past the doorman like the queens of the night they envisioned themselves to be. Vivianne and Nicole had been friends since highschool, belive it or not. A fact that made them a little bit ingrown and blind to eachother, and often got stuck in old teenage manners. For example their mutual fascination for lacquer, on any surface.

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