Monday, July 28

I will remember this- 3.


  1. Oppenheimer was before his time. He knew that himself and was often told so by his collegues at the Facility. He also knew that they only said that to humour him and then laughed behind his back, but he knew they were right without knowing it and laughed even harder at their arrogant mockery. It was all so clear now. He joined them in the laughter and pointed eagerly at himself walking away with that slightly tilting assymetric walk. He had entered the body of Mr. Gruber. He and Inga had just moved to a new house out on the countryside. The excitement of being inside of Mr. Gruber was overwhelming. For how long could he stay? Did Mr. Gruber notice? What would Inga say?
    Suddenly he was pulled out.
    - You are not allowed to be here!
    It was the strangest little creature he had ever seen. Nothing human at all, except for the dark manly voice. He had to stare for what felt like hours before he managed to reply:
    - Who and what are you?
    - I have been assigned to look after you until you have been accomodated.
    - Why? Accomodated where?
    - You are dead. You died. This is what you may refer to as the afterlife. There are rules here too and we must follow them. Preparations are being made to accomodate your soul to its further existance.
    Oppenheimer stared at the creature and tried to understand what he was hearing. It was like listening to a strict parent who didn't want you to have any fun at all.
    - Can you go away? I want to go out and play.
    - No.

At the Facility they had a customary day of mourning and memoriam. They had been informed about  Oppenheimers passing but not of what caused it so they assumed it was from some illness or accident.
They had framed his picture from the last summoning and placed it on the long black shiny table in the conference room. Just in the middle. They considered lighting candles beside it and perhaps add some flowers in a vase, but it would have been redundant.
- He liked it clean and simple.
- We have to be careful with the new table, no water or fire unless necessary.   

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