Sunday, July 27

I will remember this- 2


Mrs. Breeze ( divorced since eight years) who lived upstairs was shocked to hear about her neighbours passing. Not that they had been particularly chit-chatty with eachother, but still, when you live only one thin concrete surface apart. It was the same in the whole building. One could hear everything. She knew his first name though and he knew hers. They has formally introduced themselves one time in the elevator when he just had moved in. He was looking for the laundromat.
She had her own washer installed of course. The one thing she took with her from the house after the divorce. She was terrified once when she had caught the flu that he would be offended by all the caughing. Luckily it ended after seven days and he didn't have to come up and ask if she was allright. For a while she though he would and was prepared for the hypothetic event. Meaning having coffee ready and the flowery robe well adjusted. She couldn't really understand that he was gone now and that would never happen. When they came and took his body away she stood glued to the window following every step in the procedure. How they bowed after they had closed the doors to the hurse. It was a van, a hurse-van. It was so sad. She had thought he was away, visiting his relatives in Bristol, and all this time he had been lying dead right beneath her feet. She called Vivianne:
- I will never get over this Vivi.
- I know dear, but you will, just give it some time. We can rule over much but when it comes to death we are pretty much incapacitated to make decisions. What I'm trying to say is, it's not your fault because you didn't know.
- I could have gone down and knocked at the door. They don't know what he died from yet. Maybe he was passed out at first and could have managed to open the door if someone had bothered.
- Could have should have...let it go.
- I didn't hear a sound. Maybe it was food poisoning or heartattack, allergy, maybe he was allergic to bees and got stung.
- I don't think you will ever know Nicole, it's not the kind of stuff they get back to the neighbours and inform about.
- I suppose not.
Mrs. Breeze sighed deeply and continued.
- But I always though we were a little bit more than just neighbours.
- Well, you know I felt that way too about the Grubers, but then they just left without saying a word. One day their house was out for sale. I never saw them leaving.
- People are strange Vivianne.
- You can say that again. Now, let's forget about this. Are you free next Friday? I know you are, so it's not really a question.
- What for?
- It will be a surprise dear. Five o clock at the corner?
- I'll be damned if I don't.
- Tata, see you Friday.
- Tata.   

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