Friday, June 13

Today in history.

I remember it like yesterday. Six years ago. That doomed night of hell. It was also on a Friday.

See if you can spot me in the crowd. I'm the blond wasted girl to the left, or right depending on where you're looking from. I was standing on the bassplayers side. I should have stood on the other side of course, to be closer to God.

Well, it's a good thing I cursed the cameraman to stay out of my face.

Billy has many meanings. If you know Swedish it translates Cheap Idol. So basically performing this song is saying you're cheap or that the audience are sheep, or both, I don't know. Nobody knows. It's a terrible song. I was embarrased they performed it. Maybe it's a song about Demi Moore...

Well this was many years ago. What relevance does it have today?

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