Monday, June 30

Hello again!

It's me, your favourite blogger. Been a little busy lately.  Midsummer up north with family.
Home again. Computer crashed. Why does it always crasch when I go away? Surfing on my cheapy-laptop with the capacity of a wooden log. My phone is also dying, keeps disconnecting. All technology fails sooner or later.
It's the cats. They are downloading ratporn.  They looked guilty. Hence the poop-fest.
Well, it's always an adventure to travel by train. To spend such an extended period of time locked up in a small compartment with complete strangers. There is so much I could tell you about that trip.
The conductor was insane. He walked around and poked on people who had fallen asleep. On the night- train.
- You can't sleep here! These seats are for sitting!
Total nazi.
I was sitting there with my neon yellow socks on the seat right across from me, right by the door, so I could keep an eye on the people passing by in the hallway. 
Someone came walking. Looked very familiar. Eyes meeting. ( I'm checking you out.) I looked down at his hair. He got off at Ducksneeze. ( It's a small Swedish town, ya it is..) and I saw him in profile through the window. Was it him? Or a doppelganger.
Anyway, up in Helltown everything was the same. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever been. Cleansing some weed at Stonehenge with the ancestor. Humouring the boy. Spitting on the locals.
The journey home was even more annoying. Some gypsyprincess decided my table was the best and she had a sunfeather that she kept flapping incessantly, to make sure the whole train could smell her surely very expensive perfume.
Then, at the station at home some idiot started yelling at me for entering the elevator before him, his wife, his son and their babystroller.
- Go fuck yourself you stupid piece of shit. I don't care about you or your baby, wife, wagon or son. Shut the fuck up idiot!
I said that after I let them have the elevator. I'm just too nice to people.
Tired and weary I watched the commercials on tv before falling asleep and was sure they sang Angelina, but it was Pantamera.  That's not my name.

Ps. China is really advancing statistically. Hello all chinese people! Welcome to the blog and please stop eating cats and dogs.

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