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The translation.

 The translation of the interview in Dag Allemaal april 2014:

More than five years after the horrors of Kim De Gelder going havoc in Fabeltjesland, the Swedish Angelina Elander (44) says that she regrets her flirt with the babykiller. " I smoked cannabis and was confused when I declared my love for him." she says.

For the murders of two babies and a caretaker in the daycarecenter Fabeltjesland in Dendermonde and for the murder of an older woman at a farm one week earlier, Kim De Gelder in 2013 got sentenced to life in prison. A year after he was arrested, Angelina Elander suddenly popped up. The eccentric Swedish artist was flirting with De Gelder. She wrote several letters to him and he also replied to her. She claimed herself that he comitted the murders to please her. That turned out to be wrong, but the name Elander was made.
She lost her job in Sweden and five years later she is still looking for work.
" I'm a selfemployed artist, but I'm looking for a permanent job." she says on the phone." Well, not a regular nine-to-five job. I want to create stuff, as a musician, photographer and writer. I really need a steady income, but nobody wants to hire me, not after all that has been written about me. That has ruined my options in the jobmarket. Many people still has that image of me as a crazy woman. I don't know if that will ever pass. I fear that people will always identify me with Kim De Gelder. "

In Belgium perhaps, but not in Sweden?  Nobody knows Kim De Gelder there

Internet is ubiquitous and the Swedes know this room very well.  I'm not an anonymous person anymore. This has given me a lot of problems, especially up north in the small town I lived in until a few years ago. When I refused the local newspaper an interview they wrote that I wanted to attack the local daycarecenter, just as Kim De Gelder. Of course there was no truth in that, but it lead to that I became a persona non grata in my hometown. Moving was my only option.

Do you regret your letter to De Gelder? 

(no doubt)  I would never do it again! If I would write such a letter, I would think not once, not twice, but a hundred times before sending it. However, I was so shocked by his murders that I could not think clearly.
My life was also in a deep crisis at that moment. My ex-boyfriend had recently died in cancer and another long-term relationship had ended.  I was very vulnerable and smoked cannabis every day. I took the deeds of De Gelder personally.


I was a hundred percent sure that I had met him a year earlier at a music festival in Sweden. When they examined his use of time at this point, it seemed impossible that he could have been there. Another reason why I took it so personally was the date on which he attacked: January 23, my birthday. ( note: this is wrong, my birthday was a week earlier, on january 16, when he killed the old woman on the farm).

That still doesn't explain why you fell in love with him?

It was possibly the stockholm syndrome, when you sympathize with the person who hurts you. You must understand that I was in shock. Moreover, I'm an artist and my reaction to trauma is to create. In this case I did so by writing to De Gelder and he also answered the first letters. Some say that I wrote those letters to get the spotlight pointed at me, that is was a commercial act to sell my art. But that was not the case. I was so fascinated by him that it became an obsession.

You did not only declare your love for Kim De Gelder, but also to the king of escapes, Ashraf Sekkaki.

I don't write any more letters to them. Well ok, sometimes I write a letter to De Gelder but I don't post it.  It's enough to just write in order to get it out of my system.

Does he still write to you?

Not for many years.  That's a shame. I would like to sit down and talk to him,  just to know what's going on inside of his head, why he killed those people, who he really is. Four years ago I saw him as an obscure young boy who was emotionally traumatized. Maybe I recognized a little of myself in him. I was also a complete mess.

On Facebook you still post cartoons and other things about De Gelder

I haven't changed, meaning I still have some unusual interests. I would not necessarily call it morbid.
Like my love for horror movies and death metal music for example.

What are you doing now in your life? 

I'm single again, you can write that in your article! (laughs). I have written two books, one about Kim De Gelder, 'Epic Suffering', the other is a collection of the stories I have written on my blog. Unfortunately I have not found a publisher.

Do you miss the attention of it all? 

Absolutely! It was a stimulating time for a creative person as myself. I got a kick out of the media attention. The life I live now, is extremely boring. Maybe I should find another massmurderer to stalk. (laughs) 

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