Thursday, April 24

The piano.

It's probably the most boring film ever made and completely irrelevant to my current situation, but at the end of this post I will find a youtube-clip and we can all decide about its relevance toghether. This is after all a magical blog and wahtever is posted here has some major significance in the universe. The reason that title came to mind was however not because of the incredible dullness of that film, but for a far more realistic reason. I want a piano. I have found several. People give them away for free. Really nice pianos too. So, what's the problem? They are big. I can't go and get them and carry one home all by myself. I can't take it under my arm and jump on the bus. Then you might think, get a car and a trailer and there you have it.
No. Not possible. I have no drivers license. Which in itself brings the majority of the population a great sense of glee and relief. I can't afford to rent a car, trailer, driver and pianolifter either. If I could afford that, then why would I bother to chase free pianos. If I had money I could buy a brand new one and have it delivered to my mansion, that I would also have, if I had money.  Well, now that we have ruled out the obvious alternatives, what have we left? Yes. People. I have to rely upon other people. To help me bring the piano to me. It's strange how distant and silent all humanity suddenly appears when this humble request is brought to their attention. Suddenly they forget how to answer messages. Are all booked up. The car they used to have is gone and will never come back. They have dinners to attend. They have forgotten my number. My name. I don't exist anymore. They have made me hate the piano. I don't want it anymore. The joy is gone. Just like with the film it has become a distant dream that has stopped fulfilling its purpose. Yeah, you get the picture. Lazy bastards from hell. Lying idiots.
- Yes, sure I will help you, just call me when you find a piano.

Then the question:
- What will you do for me in return?
- Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not a damn thing.
Bottom line, people are shit.

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