Sunday, April 13


Are you still there?
I'm sorry for being so quiet for so long. Several days now. It must be difficult for you to cope with reality without my daily guidance.
So, what are we going to do next? Are there any fun projects or ideas floating around?
For me it's just the usual lately, and all of those ideas fall flat because of lack of funding.  What can you do that doesn't require money and still has a major impact for future money generating purposes?
Should I record covers on youtube?
It's always a one person project, since nobody wants to work with me. All other ideas that involve the efforts of other people are not plausible. If I could pay them salary it would perhaps be an option, but I can't, so it's not.
I'm working on a mural on my balcony. There was this big white empty space that just couldn't be left alone any more. It's probably breaking a ton of rules according to the landlord, but it's colorful and fun and completely non-offensive. Maybe it could lead to more mural painting assignments. Trying to think locally every once in a while.
My mother wants me to build a labyrinth here in this town. It could be done. Not impossible. But who would gather the stones to it?
 Yeah, but my mind is still set on something bigger. Not really sure where I'm supposed to end up in this life, but there's always a feeling that something bigger and better lies ahead. Then it never comes, and I start doubting, but then the dreams awaken again...and then fade. No response.
The world is treating me like I treat my stalkers. They keep calling and I keep pressing the red button.

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