Thursday, April 3


I sincerely loath guys who expect grown up women to adapt the "regular girlfriend"- behaviour. It's just an act guys. I am not interested in nursing, baking, cooking and looking pretty for you. Are you retarded or what? Can't you take a hint? If I don't answer your calls, then maybe, perhaps, could be, I don't see a future in this. We are not meant to be. We have nothing in common. Goodbye.
I told him this in whatever manner I could. You know what he did? He pulled out his penis.
- Wait a minute, I just want to do this.
- Fucking pull your pants up and get out of my apartment!
To him it was just words coming out of my mouth that made my lips move and look more appealing.
I can't believe some people. What has this world come to? Is mental retardation accepted as standard or even worse, expected? I can't take this anymore. I'm so sick and tired of this fucking bullshit.

And the dentist. I went to another check-up at the jaw-surgeon. The regular surgeon had called in sick so I got to talk with his co-worker. Who examined me briefly and then said. I think you look pretty and patted me on the head. Is this reality?

I have to hand it to the penisguy though, at least he told me the truth.
- I don't recognise you. You look different. But your body is still hot.
Then he started grabbing me again. Well, I unlocked the door and pushed him out before it was too late.

I want to be with someone who loves me for real and dating random douchebags is preventing that from happening.

Why are all the good ones dead?

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