Tuesday, April 29

Angelina sings Him cover- Close to the flame.


Well, I promised that I would sing a song when my blog http://bebelina.blogspot had reached 60 000 visits. So here it goes. Haven't had time to come up with a new song of my own, so instead I'm going to torture you with this delightful Him cover: Close to the flame. One of my absolute favourites. The reason I keep turning the camera around is because it's been malfunctioning and keeps shutting off, so I must check that it's still recording. Singing with the music in my headphones, hence the long silents pauses. No filter, ugly as in reality and my voice, my voice...well, sometimes it sounds very strange. Like I had a hot potato in my mouth or something, but what can you do...enjoy the horror. I hope HIM doesn't mind. :D

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