Saturday, March 29

Today is the day.

Just four more visits and we are up in  60 000.
Well, it could last until, today it will be.
I have nothing planned for this special occasion, but I remember that I have threatened with singing a song.
That could still happen.
I have heard some are against covers, which is an opinion I respect.  So maybe I will try to come up with something completely new.  That was a long time ago, but it's not an impossible project. It will however take a few days. I have already promised the cats to put up the net on the balcony this weekend, and almost  promised my cousins to go out and party, but the idea is planted and growing.
At what hour will we reach 60 000? I'm guessing right after I posted this.  Now it's 01.44 CET, so at 02.00 CET I guess it's there.

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