Thursday, March 6

Leonardo sweetheart...

Did you watch the Oscars? I didn't find a free online streamer in time, so I have only been watching short snippets here and there, but I knew Jared Leto would win, of course. I feel really sorry for Leonardo..or as he is now called in Sweden Leo-När-då? "När då" means "when then".  I invented that. :)
Yeah, poor Leo, I remember when we met at Oprahs in 2006. how I waved and flirted but he couldn't reach me either, I was too far up on the shelf.

Otherwise not much has happened.

I got my face ruined by the dentist, there are pictures on instagram that shows how the left side of my face is completelty different that the right side, sort of fallen down and swollen. My speach is slurry too.
I want this fixed of course, but naturally they will try to get away with a "there, there, everything will be ok..just go home and rest".

I went there to get a small cavity filled and ended up with half of my jaw missing.  There is absolutely no excuse for this and I don't know if I will get any help or if it's forever ruined.  People seem to get away with just about anything nowadays and nobody cares.

It's a sad world.

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