Tuesday, February 25

Wish I had the time.

To write creative nonsense again, to paint big paintings, not just small aquarelles.
Stuck in editing right now for a few more weeks.

The cat is keeping me from sleeping at night and the new neighbours are keeping me from sleeping during the day. Something very strange is going on next door. Someone should look into that. Definitely.

Kids screaming hysterically, clawing and knocking on the walls. Maybe they need help. Someone is kidnapped there. Animals are being tortured.

( Hm, I think I got my creativity back. )

They can die over there as far as I'm concerned.  More coffee,  and I could open the balconydoor, but I'm not properly prepared for suicidal kittens just yet.

Skin is back to white, hair is back to red, but other than that nothing will ever be the same.

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