Tuesday, February 18

So quiet..

It's like internet itself has fallen asleep, or where is everybody? Facebook seems empty, Twitter too and there's just nothing happening at all. Is everybody busy watching the olympics? Busy living their lives? Doing regular life stuff. No new interesting musicvideos to share either.
Well, I have uploaded two more posters to Red Bubble, one called Sweet 16 and the other The Stamp Collection.
My computer has started to make very strange sounds. Have no idea how long this machine will last. Definitely need a new one. I'm against new computers in general though, takes too much time to install everyhting.
Maybe I should make a new video?
You think so?
Sing a little song?
Make one up or do you have some favourite anthem you would like to hear me recite?

Well whatever, good night. I'm tired. You bore me internet. Our loveaffair seems to be coming to an end.

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