Friday, February 28


Oops, KOSMONAUT PLANEMO is the seventh most visited blog about poetry according to this site.
Well, since I have hidden all the posts from 2003-2013 then there's not much poetry to read at the moment, since I'm mostly posting posterdesigns etc. right now. 
Maybe I should make a special page for poetry and add some poems then. As you can see on top there is a bar with links to different pages, such as art, music, links, prints, animations etc.
I must humour my readers.
 When I had my site I had a poetry page filled with a lot of poems, but since I couldn't afford to keep that site all poems are now lost. Not entirely of course, but I don't have them collected in one place anymore. They are scattered around in old notebooks and must be typed down anew.

On the other hand, all text you see here is in a sense also poetry. It's a matter of artistic perception, but I have some standard-poetry lying around too.

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