Tuesday, January 28

So good to be alive.

 Unhappy couple- Angelina Elander 2014
Perfect gift to the newly weds. Size A4. Price. 100€.

To finally breathe again.

Death is killing me. 

Hello readers!

Did you miss me?

No didn't think so either.

But here I am again, more annoying than ever, been holding it in, see...

Redesigned the blog a little. The dynamic template I had before, which I loved btw, had to go because it didn't work as it was supposed to. Maybe I will reapply it when blogger gets it fixed properly.

It's been quiet for a month. Too quiet and as you can see all history is erased. Poff! Gone!

This is the new reality.

Open casket.

I opened an Etsy shop - Sekten. 

In case you are in shoppingmode.

- Mom, no more gifs with kitchen stripteases!
- Ok ok, I promise.


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