Wednesday, August 20

They think I'm from Poland.

Gloria in excelsis.


When it's actually Rumania.

I know.

I'm sorry too. He's just an idiot. But it was the best I could find with such short notice.

Oh heavenly fahter, let us all pray together now that Fukky will gain a brain, so that Rumania will not be invaded by the Germans.
It's an ugly germ.
I had to shook it up.

I had a funny walk in my new shoes.
It takes a while for the feet to adjust.
I hope noone saw me.
I tried to disguise myself.
From tourists.
And lobbyists.
Or another false reality.
It's the best.

It was the eyebrows, they were all out of order.
I had never noticed before.
They look better now.
On the floor.

The sleeping giant.

It's for me.

The lord of the rings.

Ask anyone.

Who's not sleeping.

Skärrad för livet.

I'm filing a police-report.

Who are these people?

Loosen up.

I have nothing more to declare.

Except that that was the worst film ever, to watch with my mother.

Maybe I should get a perm.

I'm out of coffee anyway.

And candy.
Be quiet.

My ears are sore.



Stop studdering.

With my fingers?

Orange marmalade.

Damn vegetarians.


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