Sunday, July 21

Billy from Stranger Things

Is an exact replica of my step cousin Danny. I think even the car is the same and he sometimes picked me up from school, which was embarrassing of course.

The likeness is creepy. He was always around the house too, but was not that much of an asshole as Billy.

Saturday, July 20

Sorry 'bout this.

I just enjoy [picking on] Zlatan. " Are you 100% mental or not? " , then " I'm just a normal family guy.". Vela means shillyshally or dilly-dally in Swedish, according to Google translate. It means being hesitant, meek, namby-pamby, whimpish or cowardly even. I think that's why Zlatan is so upset by the comparison. Are you decisive Zlatan? I think that's how he sees himself anyway.  Zlatan has a really long neck just like me, haven't really thought of that before.

Yes, I am 100% mental. 😂

Wonder what he can do when he's 50...

I think Zlatan is the epitome of vela.

Monday, July 15


There has been a burglary in my cabin in southern Sweden. All machines and power tools are stolen, the locks broken, doors and windows taken down. I have reported to the police of course, but since when have they ever helped? Particularly breaking into holiday cottages is common and something they don't prioritize. Well, I'm not going to accuse anyone, but it seems like the burglars knew what was there, because the cabin and the outhouses does not look much to the world and it's not a place you find by accident either. If anyone happens to know anything about this, please contact me.

Sunday, June 30

Collar tug

Let's talk about the collar tug

 It's a ventilating behavior that signals psychological discomfort. It could also signal an arrector pili reaction.  Or maybe it was an attempt to show off the necklace or breast hairs. Or maybe he just wants to take his shirt off.

So, he's trying to smooth things over with something extra, a little dance even, but the fact remains that he has been contacting my friends on Facebook as is possibly having an affair with one of them.

Tuesday, June 25

The Keanu hype

Ok, so all of a sudden we are supposed to care about Keanu, how cool he is and what a kind person he is.  The almighty Keanu. In a naive world, it could be seen as cute, deserving and spontaneous, that people just suddenly realized how dreamy he is, but most likely it's a marketing hype for this new game and this new film.

I should get money for reposting this crap. Well, Toy Story at least bring back some good memories, the Buzz Lightyear doll, where did that go? The game is just horrible. The realism in the characters is a bit uncanny though. What will happen when real actors are replaced with digital? An old debate for sure, but when all real eyes disappear from the media flow, how will our perception and recognition of ourselves as humans change?

I must of course also remind you of the priceless comment from my ex some several hundred years ago:
- Why don't you just take Keanu instead?
My ex was nudging me to get inolved with Keanu already then. Maybe they knew each other. All the secrecy. It just came out of the blue for me and perhaps that is why I remember it. On the other hand, I do remember disturbingly much in detail in general. Maybe he had been thinking about who would be perfect for me and all he could come up with was Keanu. However, Keanu was not then what Keanu is now, nor am I of course, so the Keanu my ex though was perfect for me does no longer exist. Unless, Keanu is unchangeable, a solid matter, The mysteries of this world.

Oh, and the game releases on my dads birthday.

Future scenarios

The recent UFO briefings, the many science fiction and apocalyptic films and series reproduces a discourse of an apocalyptic and alien future. In the beginning of science fiction one could consider it was written as results of collective fantasies of a possible future. One could also ponder if those thoughts were evolutionary programmed to serve a purpose for the development of the species. That it's natural for life on any planet to evolve out to space. If we then look at science fiction today and how extremely mainstreamed it actually is, it supports the illusion of an actual reality. We all know what the inside of a spaceship looks like, different types of spaceships even. We also know that what is published in media, specifically entertainment, as what most people do online is to entertain themselves, serve to condition our worldviews towards a desired target. Desired in many ways. For the immediate pleasure of self, for corporate financial pleasure and for the pleasure of mind controlling power hungry creatures so vile that they must surely be aliens. Perhaps this almost homogeneous science fiction discourse is created to prepare us for an actual inevitable future. Then watch Chernobyl on top of that.

Have a great summer. :)

Monday, June 17

If you are having troubles with Amazon

I have gotten some complaints from people who have tried to order my book from Amazon, but the order won't go through. Please contact me and I will order the book and send it to you personally.

Sunday, June 16

Ten commands of dating Angelina

So, I've decided to give love a chance, but first some groundbreaking rules: 

1. Thou shalt love me just as I am and not try to change or control me or attempt to 'steer up' my life. 
2. Thou shalt love animals and nature and not see animals as food or nature as something to profit on.
3. Thou shalt take care of your health and economy and feel secure with yourself.
4. Thou shalt possess self distance and a sense of humor and enjoy laughing and having fun with me.
5. Thou shalt be kind and like intimacy and not be prone to violence. 
6. Thou shalt be creative and interested in joint projects.
7. Thou shalt be open minded and curious and not stuck in religious dogmas or other fix ideas.
8. Thou shalt be evolved beyond gender roles and see love as a universal power that belongs to all.
9. Thou shalt enjoy playing, games, physical exercise and travelling.
10. Thou shalt possess your own residence and respect my privacy and need for alone time. 

It's pretty basic actually and shouldn't even need to be listed, but there are people out there who don't even know the basics, so that's why I need to spell it out, for them to stay away. I am not for you misogynist asshole. 

Anyway, if you feel we have a connection and can check all these points, then feel free to contact me and ask me out on a date, coffee, dinner or whatever. However, keep in mind that just because you ask doesn't mean I am obligated to respond to your request or date you. I pick and choose whomever I want. If you're lucky then you get a yes.