Monday, May 21

Looking for a job again

Summer is here and so is unemployment when you are a student. I know, it's embarrassing to still be studying at age 48 and even more embarrassing to be looking for a job. It's a time in your life when everything should be settled and in order, but that's not how my life developed itself. So here I am.
Just one of millions others who are fighting to survive every day. You all know my skills by now, so basically ( apparently that is a bad word according to some article) people should chase me down the streets offering me well paid prestigeous jobs. I really don't know why they aren't. I guess I had my share of bad reputation, scandals, gossip etc, but those things build character and gives you a persona to play with. So, here is your window. This is your chance to work with me. Give me your best offer and maybe I will say yes. Think of all the fun we will have together. I am already looking forward to it. I'm being serious btw, don't let my sense of humour fool you.

It's better if you mail, because I don't actually want to be chased down the street and I ususally don't answer the phone when it's an unknown number either.

Welcome with your application to collaborate with me.

No charity work, only well paid suggestions, please.  I can start next month, or mid June would be best. Need at least two weeks vacation.

Sunday, May 20

Cat music

This is another song/ composition from the late 90's. An ode to a cat I never met that belonged to a fellow artist on an art-forum I frequently visited. We used to have these inpsiring creative contest that this song was a part of. Now it can also serve as an ode to my beloved  departured cat Ville.

Saturday, May 19

This was weird

So, when I listened to Backstreet's 'Everybody'  now again I remembered my own also very old composition from -97 or- 98. As I wrote in the description on Soundcloud, I uploaded some of my material online in the 90's on different music forums, so maybe they heard it and took it or I was brainwashed by mainstream media and subconsciously created a similar drumloop. I actually don't know. It would be nice if they had ripped me off , admit it and then give me money..and credit.

A fourth has fallen ( the poll). πŸ˜„

Friday, May 18

Thank you universe!

In case you're too old or too young to remember:

Sunday, May 13

Car for sale

Sorry to be posting this here, but I must sell my belated uncles car post haste. 

It's a Toyota Aygo from 2014. 
2016 mil. 
Only one owner, non-smoker.
I have cleaned the interior as much as possible without access to a vacuum cleaner on location. So vacuuming is needed.  Some stains on the passenger seat in front that was hard to remove. 

New price. 129 000 sek ( 13 000 €) 

Your price: 95 000 ( 9500 €)

Location: In Sweden. 

Send an email to if you are interested in buying the car. 

Friday, May 11

My first publication

Krattan nr.2 1992.
Oooh, that was a long time ago. The old bookstore/gallery Garden Of Thoughts ( look at that, random GOT reference)  has now been rebuilt into an apartment. I wrote several times in their little magazine, The Rake,  It's a shame only two editions are left, but it makes them even more special. I wonder if this is the number in which I wrote a poem about a sacrophagus or a chapter of the series Evil Sudden Death? 

Thursday, May 10

What a cutie

I'm swooning..looks a bit like Harold from Harold & Maude.

Oh my goodness...

Always trying to steal my limelight...

Another reader who loves me ( the poll):

This is of course interesting in many ways and in need for a deeper analysis. I can go for the obvious first. It's a flirt with me. Aside from that I would say it's critique against the fortune telling business as only wanting to make money and giving diffuse half-assed answers. 'Zlatan speaks' is also a referential metonym to 'Seth speaks', a favourite book of mine by belated Jane Roberts. You can also see the word 'lucky' there in background.  Well, look what love can do, I finally got him in a cage.πŸ‘„ His acting skills are in need of improvement though. In defense of the fortune telling business I feel it's my obligation to inform you that we do provide an important service to society. We listen to and help people gain insights and perspective to life experiences.