Thursday, October 18


Some American women are doing a documentary of one of my favourite bands all time. I'm looking forward to watch it. Hm, they seem to have been quite active lately. Aw, he's still so cute.

A new video too.
I just heard a song from Håkan Hellström on the radio and I couldn't really decide if it was Henrik or Håkan that was singing until the presenter said who it was. They have very similar singing styles and voices, imo anyway. I'm no big fan of Hellström's music though, but as they were in the same band for a while then they apparently have influenced each other a lot. This is a solo project though, it seems.

Tuesday, October 16

One word


Symbolically speaking.  This is not just exploitation of these poor little thai boys,  but look at them, how they try to smile.

Sunday, October 14

Master suppression techniques

It's unfortunately very common and a standardized behavior among men in particular. In my work as a consultant I talk to many women who share this experience.   They tell stories about how their partners systematically oppress them. Every time the woman questions the man's behavior he calls her mentally ill and continues to say that she needs to be taken into a mental asylum, that she has never been loved by anyone, that none of her friends are her real friends, she has no real friends, will never have friends and never be loved and so on. The same story all over again. I heard all this too, from my mother and ex boyfriends. It's a handbook , a manual for how to belittle, to gain power over someone. Don't fall for it. You are loved and you have friends. 

Thursday, October 11

The supernatural theme

The protagonist seeing ghosts in the kitchen and the clairvoyant dreams and intuition of the police.
The 'consider the status of my family' excuse as well, not supernatural but an expression of power.  I'm sure I missed many points, but it was a really interesting film to analyze.

Tuesday, October 9

I feel a cold creeping up on me

You know the feeling. Nothing feels comfortable. Sore ears, teeth and sniveling nose. Maybe I can create an evasive maneuver to make it leave my body. Not the right time to catch a cold, but it never is. When I got here yesterday it was cold and damp inside. Half the house was suddenly without electricity and apparently the well hasn't filled up since last time I was here, so there's no running water either. One would think that all the raining would also have affected the waterlevels in the well, but it looks like it hasn't. Unless someone has drained my well. Some greedy gnome  needed the water for his petunias. I suppose the mice had gnawed off the electrical wires. I had to change phone operator as well,  to a much more expensive one that has coverage out here in 'nowhere'. I bought for 145 SEK the day before yesterday, and today I got a message that I'm running out of data. Seriously? Two days? Wow, and I have hardly been online, and only made two 10 second calls.  I was going to get a subscription instead of refill card, but someone from Morocco ruined that option for me in 2011. You know who you are, and you owe me for that phonebill. 

Sunday, October 7

The Swedish Government

It has not yet formed. The election was ages ago and they have still not formed a government. In chrisis management the most important first step is admitting there is a chrisis, and to stay calm. Call me if you need me.


I would say that the standardized killing of wild animals that enter the urban areas and domesticated animals who escape their oppressors is a phenomenon worth studying from an ecofeminist approach. It could very well be a systematic practice with an underlying intent to show cruetlty toward the innocence of nature and animals. This intent has instinctive grounds based in scare tactics to gain power and control, where the innocence of animals and nature could be equated with the innocence of children and also culturally women.  It may have started for natural reasons, to protect the family from being attacked by wild animals and to stop the food from running away, but now those reasons are hardly valid. Most wild animals don't pose a threat in Sweden, and there is enough food for everbody to survive the day. The upholding of this brutal practice must thus have been revised to other purposes, as mentioned scare tactics to maintain patriarchal power and control. In order to execute this research I would need to look at past events rapported in media and if access would be granted from the police register regarding ho many of these animal killing assignments they have been sent out on, as well as the gender of the person actually making the decision, the gender balance on the actual, workplace and organization. I could of course stick to media, but that would mean having half an empirical base, as the estimated hidden statistics could be up tp 50%. The same would need to be done for farmers, who's animals escaped and were killed, I could also cut the investigation in half by taking away animals killed while escaping captivity and instead focus on wild animals killed in urban areas.  

This is my idea, I can claim it to be mine to investigate, so please don't try to steal it. We would have to fight. 

Saturday, October 6

Let's take a closer look at this

There it is, the power of attorney note. Followed by a suggestion to lift a loft, which is exactly what I was plan-ning. All on board? I'm planning to open up the ceiling in the livingroom, so there is room for non-hobbit size individuals to stand up straight.

Putin- Angelina- Kim- Trump

I'm prospecting my possible political allies, Those are the possible ones. It's not much, but it's what I got. Those are the ones that need lecturing. It would be nice to have allies in all continents though, but it doesn't look like a strong leader has emerged from South America yet. In Africa there is Winnie, no she died in April. I remember seeing her on tv while I was down there last year. Who's the Arab big shot this month? They keep arguing amongst each other so much. The one with most bling wins.  I suppose it has to be a woman. Oh, now I get it. All the crazy arabs that has been calling me the last year. They have chosen me as their leader. Which means they see all Europe as their territory already.