Wednesday, December 19

Good entry point.

I always review what happened in 2010 every now and then, because it was something really big that happened that has had enormous consequences in my life. The latest consequence was on the Swedish Heroes award show yesterday. I probably should contemplate a bit more on this before I comment, but we can discuss it all Xmas if you want, so I can distribute the sentences in ingestible portions throghout the holdidays. You can view this from so many perspectives; humorous, serious,personal, social, psychological and philosophical etc. Every possible angle can be scrutinized. The first thing that comes to mind is of course, 'oh no, not again', have we not discussed this enough, what more is there to add? Isn't this the ultimate proof of how overplayed this discourse is? What discourse you wonder? Really? Well, the discourse of Angelina Elander in media and the sub discourse of how uneducated , undeveloped and plain dumb people speak of and act around Angelina Elander.  In order to distance myself from this phenomenon that I have become, I speak of myself in third person to facilitate a wider 'objective' perspective. However, objectivity remains a subjective creation. But, if Zlatan feels that we need to talk about this, then let's talk about it, again. I am talking about the heroic act of the brave Fidan, that stopped a mentally ill woman who had entered a childrens playground waving a knife around. The Swedih Heroes award had then created a narrative film adaption of this event where actors where enacting the scenes. The crazy knife waving woman was wearing gym clothes and had long black hair. The fictive Fidan first tried to calm her down by talking to her, then when she turned away he kicked her in the back so she fell down to the ground, whereas he and another man that had came running sat down upon her and held her still. Zlatan was on the big screen with a message for Fidan, that 'he is the real hero' and  should continue to ' be himself''.  Very general and insipid for a 'message'.  But we get the message, this is how people in 2010 visualized me in their mentally ill horror fantasies and obsessions and many still has not recovered. I am of course referring o the story in Belgian media that this story functions as a metaphor for. Was I ill then, in 2010?  Am I ill now? Or is the world ill?  I don't beleive there is a single person sane enough on this planet that is qualified to make any such judgement. In order to judge me, you must know me, and that, nobody does to such extent that any claims of validity could be accepted, only I know myself that much. Here, it would be tempting to skip to the homouristic perspective, the comic relief. That Zlatan is going to get that crazy cunt, pin her to the ground and fuck her. That was the message. And, to create a new entry point to this lenghty, soon 10 year old discussion, or dispute actually. There is no open discussion about what actually happened, only opinionated standpoints and after constructions. Or was it revenge? That I outed our flirt and his wife found out or because I posted about Jane? I think it's possible that Zlatan is the most jealous guy ever, because he is in my face wherever I turn. It's a good thing 'he never left'. As an image of God he was always by my side, invisible but omnipresent. I don't think he can handle this level of flattery. Our passion is so hot and  steamy that it will make the Atlantic ocean boil and make global  warming seem like the ice age.

Yes, so I want to go and see Aquaman, but the rest of the family disagrees. Mortal Engines could be plausible, but what we all agreed would have been a perfect film to see was The Seventh Seal. They have been showing these old classics lately, but apparently we missed this one. They had it in the summer.

I'm going to tell you more about how I review 2010 from a personal development perspective as well, the roles we have created around celebrities and how life can be experienced from a multitude of levels. 

Sunday, December 16


This guy has been on my mind lately. Been wondering what he is up to. Haven't seen him since Predator and today I saw a perfecty good pair of Adidas sneakers tossed on the sideway. According to this little 'news' snipped he doesn't wear shoes to raise awareness of the homeless, which I think is an after construction. I read before that it's because he wants to feel more connected to the Earth, feel grounded or something and probably has a phobia against having stuff on his feet. If we were to date, this would be a problem. For once I think naked feet are kind of gross, especially if they are cold and dirty. Second, shoes are nice, especially in the winter.  Then again, me and Zlatan are getting a bit serious, so he would probably see it as cheating. Which of course he never does:
"I'm coming Beautiful, I'm coming. I'm going to take that line". ( Fortnite with Zlatan), then he had to take a break and went to the bathroom to wash his mouth. 

Tooth ache from hell

That is all. The dentist appointment didn't help much. They x-rayed the teeth and decided that probably two need to be pulled out and fixed one tooth temporarily. They should have fixed several teeth temporarily,  but didn't. Then I couldn't get another appointment until February 27th. I might need to get an emergency appointment tomorrow, because this is unbearable. The pain is so excruciating that I can barely eat or drink, I have fever and my face is swollen. I'm so tired of incompetent dentists. I'm so tired of pain and fragile milk teeth still in my mouth. Unfortunately no new adult teeth are hididng behind them, so when the milk teeth are gone, they are gone. I have been brushing, flossing and mouthwashing. I'm a good girl and don't deserve this pain. 

Tuesday, December 11


I think this summarizes the weekend perfectly. I should have added a pink cape to that, but the computer crashed when I downloaded it, it was that powerful.  I actually made a similar prank with my grandmother, her cousin and their friend. They went to Stockholm one day to visit an 'angel shop' of some sort and I took a picture of them that I later edited making them queens with the king in the background. I remember they loved that picture. Well, have an essay to write, laundry to do, and driving classes to take. Life as a queen is far less glamorous than people think. Please call Cleo though, she really wants to talk to you 0939-1414 (19.90 kr/min).

As a sidenote to this story, a Finnish singer was stalking me that day in Stockholm in 2001 I think it was, and he did it again in Chicago 2006.

This of course also adds to the debate about governance. In lack of a political government then perhaps it's time for the royal regent to step in? The royal house in Sweden does not have much power though, but in case of emergency when we have nobody else to rely on they could maybe be of assistance. In the end it will however be me. 

Zlatan really likes the Dutch spelling though. I remember my glory days in Dutch media. "De Zweedse". It's a beautiful language, mijn koning. 

Thursday, December 6

Dar(l)in(g) for president

Yep, Sweden is still without government, and we are heading into the new year. I don't like to repeat myself, but apparently they need help and should call me. In case you haven't noticed I am the leader. Elander is an anagram for ledaren, which means the leader in Swedish. With my background in media scandals it is however unlikely that anyone in a position of power, or anyone for that matter, would risk even association. If I had been a man though, media scandals would be seen as a sign of fearlessness and bravery, a person who is not afraid to speak his opinion. Due to the stigma of womenhood I was instead labelled dangerous, psychotic and irrational. This deranged image of myself is still alive among those who contributed to its formation as it is easier to proudly hold on to imagined righteosuness than admit guilt. Every time I speak of this or even think of if, I become afraid. Afraid of what they will come up with next and afraid that they have consolidated this image so firmly that there is no hope for a future. These types of secterian societies should be shattered as they are stuck in a mob mentality that is ruled by fear. The small society is however also a reflection of the bigger society, which we clearly can see now with the Swedish 'government'. It has become shattered and this is good. We need to rethink who we appoint as leaders, in the small societies and at the governmental level. As it is now, with the people's election, anyone can start a political party and acclaim theselves the politician title. At a first glimpse this connotates freedom and fairness, but when you view it from a perspective of governmentality and responsibility it becomes clear that this is not just an irresponsible but a dangerous practice. This means that the biggest viking with the biggest sword and biggest mouth wins the 'election' and gets to rule. How about changing the rules? Because we can't have uneducated populism as a criteria for governance. I know this is difficult as it involves giving up the idea of political freedom. How to change the laws around criteria for starting political parties and who is allowed to hold positions of governmental power will take time to figure out, but it is necessary, because we can't have uneducated people in power imagining they know what they are doing.

Wednesday, December 5


Must write three discussion question on research ethics, ethnography and triangulation until tomorrow afternoon. As I'm going to the dentist tomorrow morning these must be finished tonight. I can sleep at the dentist (preferrably) or when I get home. The new company and new tarot line is slowly evolving.  On the first day they called so much I hardly had time to take a sip of coffee in between. After that it has been a bit quiet. Not completely quiet, but calm. I suppose because it's been Monday and Tuesday. Most people are jolted out of their homes, has to join corporate running wheels and are still in shock. Adding horrible tooth ache to that. All this is of course terribly boring to you, as you want the juicy gossip and nothing else. Ok, so I posted this a bit random thread on where I discussed wether the mystical sound that came from Mayotte could have caused those some 150 whales to die two weeks later. Most likely that was the case, as I am usually right about everything. Unfortunately the discussion was hijacked by misogynist trolls, of which Zlatan was probably one as he posted a pictures of his Welsh bulldog on Istagram. You get it? Wales, whales, dog, died. Dog means died in Swedish. The man is desperate for attention. He also went to the same venue as Joel Kinnaman went weeks before and looked around to see if he was there. Zlatan has by doing this appointed him as a rival. The reason why Joel is in this kettle is because he has a wife named Cleo. Are you folllowing? Cleo is my second name and in Joels fantasy I am his second wife.  He's a Cleo collector. Guys only care about their rivals. They will invest lifetimes in fighting over a woman, who they never cared about to begin with.

Sunday, December 2

Best Xmas movie?

There is no Star Wars or LOTR premieres this Xmas, so I guess it stands between these two.

Friday, November 30

Cleos Tarot

Tomorrow it starts. I have taken over a tarot line and if you live in Sweden or Norway you are welcome to call on any of the listed numbers.  I will be there from noon (CET) to midnight along with some very experienced psychics, mediums and personal advisors. I am working on finding a good solution to receive international calls and will let you know when the international services are available. Until then, travel to Scandinavia and call from there. If you already are in Sweden or Norway and want to call, but don't know the native language, English works fine too.

Welcome with your call. 

Hej svenska och norska läsare. Från och med i morgon kan ni ringa mig och andra konsulter på Cleos Tarot för en personlig rådgivning och medial vägledning. 

Välkommen med ditt samtal.