Monday, September 18

Friday, September 15

Time to celebrate


Well, everybody's tired after the extreme effort of finishing their assignments, so tommorow perhaps, or? Weather is rainy, so no beachy. Maybe clubbing, party and food? In that order. Or reverse.

I spot a nun theme. How original.

She is hiding.

She is hiding
in his room 
she was there 
when I came in
she was there
when he lied
it was then
 he died

Tuesday, September 12

Guys are jerks.

Darling I would, but I don't want to risk ruining the family dynamics by being an unsustainable component. 😂

Yes, he said that.

Monday, September 11

911 and synchronicity

It's that day again. When the twin towers fell.  I still remember the day, watching it live on tv when the second plane hit. There are a lot of twin connotation surrounding my present too. I made friends with a pair of identical twins here in South Africa for example. Twin Peaks has showed its final episode and I sincerely hope there will be more.  Twin Peaks always reminds me of Andreas ( my dead ex boyfriend). When the film 'Fire walk with me' came out we went to see it and then listened to the soundtrack when we had sex on the floor in bookstore where we both worked at the time. They called us the Duponts ( Thompson Twins from Tintin), we looked alike because we dressed similar and had short black hair. I guess you become a little like the people you are surrounded with. Before he passed away he had long distance relationship with a woman living in Trinidad and Tobago, also refered to as the twin islands. My bachelors essay on ecofeminism also contained a lot of seemingly random and unsuspected twin elements.

But, it doesn't have to mean anything. Just because sychronicity exists and is noticed the meaning interpreted, if there is a desire to inflict meaning, is subjective and I would say private too, but who know, that's just one theory of how to view life.

Monday, September 4

Small talk

This is very confusing, Justin Case. Enter dirty mindset. Plastic fantastic, film or photo? You need some water with that wet t-shirt contest? No sunny beach. Under the moon might be better weather. All things considered. Don't want my skin to burn. Not that I'm a whore. Two years for sure. Two times or more? I really need to know. If I should watch Twin Peaks or write 779 words. I could do both. If I hurry. Quietly. Kitchen is listening. Let's pretend to be quaint. 

 I should have brought my thekwini bikini.
To the Elangeni. Like that name, so me. 

That aside, I see South Africa is catching up.

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Friday, September 1

Miss you.

My South African friends who are now in Sweden. 
Let's be honest here. Guys are equally dumb here as in Sweden. No matter where you go on the planet it's the same story. No action anywhere. They go out with their friends instead of taking me out, they don't call, they don't send cute messages or flirts and they don't knock on my door late at night. They don't even react when I skimp around in my underwear by the window. My Facebook got invaded by several thousands of Arabs the past weeks,with no explanation. But at least they flirt and send dicpics which could be seen as an equivalent to having a love life, when reality fails. At least the Arabs show some initiative.