Tuesday, July 18

Durban International Filmfestival

Yesterday I went to the Durban International Filmfestival and saw I think four or five short films. All very poetic and avantgarde. The films were showing in a museum, unfortunately I don't remember exactly which one. It had exhibitions about the World War 1 and little miniature ships, dioramas of settler habitats and much more.  This house in the picture is an old estate that was bough up by some oligarch that was going to turn it into a filmstudio, but this nice building has been standing empty for  many years now. Looks like a nice palace. It could be my winter dwelling. Much here is filmoriented, both at university and in town. 

Sunday, July 16

Here you go.

Just strolling around the beach and dipping my bright white moldy carcass in the Indian Ocean. I might get a tan this year, the odds are favourable. Allthough today has been stormy. 

Friday, July 14

I'm in Africa.

I've arrived in Durban. The journey went well and the place I'm staying at is great. Been out and about two times today, by car. My idea of getting a bike and ride around by myself was voted down. Been to the mall during the day and out for tacos in the evening. After a long warm bath with vanilla candles and a glass of cream liqor I'm starting to feel at home.

Tuesday, July 11


What is left to do? Pick up some prints and decided what clothes to pack. Ironing them could be overkill.

There are not enough words to describe how much I love this series. Thank you David Lynch, Mark Frost and everybody involved. I sit in awe after watching every new episode.

Sunday, July 9


Just have to repot my plants, print out some more documents, clean the apartment and pack.
Maybe I have time for one meeting or two.

Wonder which beach will be my favourite?

Considering going sharkdiving. Have to practice some diving first.
Bildresultat för durban beach
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Thursday, July 6