Saturday, December 9

Consuming the Environment - CTE 2017

Here's a little something for you curious people. ;) I made a video about the environmental conference Consuming the Environment where I presented my ongoing research about storytelling and plastic pollution.

Thursday, December 7


Don't get your hopes up now Taylor, I still don't like you. I'm posting this video for a special friend who loves you (I blame this on her young age)  and she is trouble, according to herself anyway. I got her troublesome influence on my life confirmed today. It's been one of those days when everything possible that could go wrong did went wrong and then some, and note: it's her 22nd birthday. 😁

Saturday, November 25


I'm going to present a paper about storytelling and plastic pollution at an environmental conference called Consuming the Environment (CTE) which is held at the University of Gävle, 4-5 december 2017.  My presentation will be at a workshop with other presentations who also has the topic of storytelling in environmental communication. This will be held at venue 31:202 at 8.30 am on december 5th.

Welcome. 🙋

I'm really super nervous about this, since scientists from the entire world are coming. Usually most people only go on day one, which is december 4th, so hopefully the room won't be smacked.

 Did you know there is no universal symbol of science?

Thursday, November 23

I have nothing to say

Just working my ass off as usual. Not literary though, but literary. There is no way around this I see.
Commuting is very tiresome. Train, train, train. Yes, I should train, at the gym. But I must write, present, transcribe, engage in group efforts. They are very group-oriented at the Swedish Agricultural University. They have the veterinary education at the facilities as well. All new buildings, modern design and many windows so you can see right into the lecture rooms and the laboratories. I like peeking into the laboratories, Wonder what they are doing there? If they keep animals somewhere and if I can pet them. Because if they do keep animals there for research or educational purposes, they are probably sad. It's a bit misleading with me studyig at anything with agriculture in the name. I have absolutely no aspirations of becoming a farmer, but it's environmental communication and management. The management part could possibly include topics related to agricultural or even biological concerns. I have discovered it could be beneficial to at least have some basic knowledge about flora and fauna. I have a book about herbs given to me by my grandmother. She also used to tease me and say that I should apply to the  datingshow Farmer seeks wife, so I could find the real James Bond. In Swedish farmer is bonde, so it's a pronouncial pun, also with James. Basically James Bond becomes Meowing Farmer, or Yes Pussy Farmer. Not pussy in the feline of vaginal sense, but mes as in pansy.

Ok, now I've said enough.

Saturday, November 18

One of my favourites died yesterday.

This is where I first spotted him.

I watched him perform Edith Piaff songs at Norrbottensteatern in the early 90's.


I also remember once instance when I was working at Åhléns City in Stockholm in 1997 and he walked in majestically sliding by where I was standing.

Reverse psychology or abuse?

- I'm so glad you finally have found yourself. You have been surrounded by strong people all your life that has prevented you from becoming who you are. I was the worst.

I think this little snippet says it all. Yes, you are weak, thank you for admitting that. Strong people do not oppress, abuse and hinder others from their pursuits. I have always been myself and I have always worked hard for what I want. I'm not more or less myself now than before. I had to leave all these weak people behind because they were dragging me down, wanting me to stay put in the safeness of their constructed haven of misery. Sometimes you make choices to care about other peoples needs more than your own, that is not weakness, that does not mean the other person is stronger than you. It means they needed your help and you were able to offer it, even though their intent was deceptive and abusive. That's how strong I am, bitch.

Tuesday, November 14


I am personally offended and feel sexually harrassed by this video. 😱

I support the #metoo campaign and do not think this has gone too far, as many fearful minds are expressing right now. We should never submit to fear, especially the fear of what others think.
The misogynist culture on the planet is hopefully seeing its last days of light. They say not to speak unless in a court of law, that women are not allowed to tell their stories. This is just another form of oppression to silence the victims. Everybody who has ever been assaulted, harrassed or raped and has reported this to the police knows that it's a dead end unless you are either extremely rich and already have a lawyer or extremely lucky.  This video, however burlesque and intriguing in many ways, symbolizes the misogynist culture in Hollywood as well as in the entire world. Women are portrayed as naked sexual objects and nothing else. You disgust me! Shame on you Brian and John! You are not welcome anymore.