Friday, March 23

Long week

Yesterday's trainride home was a bit different.  First a mom with two children. They were dressed like from the beginning of last century, Amish-ish, or the environmental muppet look. It is a look in case you didn't know. All brown/green and of course only natural materials, accepted brands and knitted itchy hats on the children, but so cute. The costume parade continues. A couple dressed up as from a fairytale, big fluffy garments and feathers in hats. Like coming from an medieval fair. Then a moose standing by the side of the train, looking into the forest. Then a bird, a swallow, flying with a stick in its mouth. Speaking of animals. Zlatan and the lion in the Los Angeles Galaxy commercial. How many times do I have to say this? Do not use animals in commercial purposes, music videos etc. You might think you look cool with a wild animal next to you in a video, or having a snake around your neck at a tourist resort, but let me tell you this: it only makes you look stupid. The animals do not chose to participate. It is not your right to exploit them for selfish or financial purposes. Animals are not media toys. Of course he is now going to poodle and claim it was a digital lion and I hope that is true. I think an explanation is due and I do not want to hear about his identification with the lion as a cause.

Friday, March 16

More from Gotland

I created a portfolio in Creative Cloud:
For some reason all pictures ended up in the contact section. Will fix that later, maybe.
It's very pretty there and perhaps it's a bit unsual to see winter images from Gotland.  The sky is beautful, too bad the sheep and cows (with icy backs) didn't get a chance to see it. The animals in the farm were in a icy cold barn. Maybe it was ok for the sheep with their thick fur, but the cows.
Too bad I didn't take a picture of the two dead foxes one farmer had nailed up in front of the house. A classmate did though. Macabre indeed. I don't support any type of hunting of wild animals or farming animals for food and fur. As a human species we have evolved past that. The photos are unedited, way too tired to even consider that. You get what you see. Haven't uploaded the videos yet. Will look through them first.

Tuesday, March 13


So tired, shouldn't actually be blogging, but not tired enough to sleep, not keen on working, nothing new on Netflix. I want Matt Smith to come back as Doctor Who. Life is not the same. Maybe I should watch Buffy again. If I did, wonder how many times it would make? Could be five already. I'm actually considering it. That's the thing with series, they create a world that you become familiar with and then when it ends, you must watch it again to be a part of that world. Clever trick. I should find my "I must remember this" posts, if only I could remember where I put them. It's a beginning of a new book, completely fictional, that I started writing for my own amusement some years ago. Time just flies away so fast. It was about a group of people in Germany around the 50's who got entangled in different situations and relations, mixed with some interdimensional sci-fi elements of course.

I think this guy likes me. We have a plan. 🐠

Monday, March 12

Group project

The group report from the Gotland project finally got done tonight. It was a challenge considering there were seven people in the group from different backgrounds and all with strong opinions. There is always tension when something is about to be finished and then relief when it's done. I'm the type of person who is pedantic when it comes to formalities and always feel responsible for the entire work and wants everything to be more than perfect. Which means I can be a bit of a pain in the ass to work with, but I also assume my sparkling personality makes up for it. Other than that, it's good to be back in Gävle after an entire week in Luleå. Got to spend some much needed quality time with the family. 😊

Monday, March 5

A childs play

There can be some interesting discussions. Like using storytelling to create metaphors of philosophical paradoxes. I can't retell the actual story, because it is unpublished material by the maternal unit, but I can retell my intepretation of it. The men standing in line waiting for the door to open to heaven, on the stairway to heaven symbolizes the church and the little child running up in front of them, the devil. The child, as the most innocent being then becomes an embodiment of the paradox of good/evil. They are all men, because this is an ideology only men could create. According to the story. They are all standing there because of the belief of their religions, waiting for the door to open and to reach whatever land of plenty or reality they have been promised or fantasized about. It's also a metaphor for religion as such, as something we tell our children to explain the mystery of death.

I wonder if my mother has become religious. You never know what happens when people grow old, what kind of oddities they decide to engage in, or ghastly beliefs they might develop. She started with complenting me on my studies and said that it must be good to finally be taken seriously. Like it was even a mission. It is sad though that it requires an academic exam to be taken seriously, and by whom ? What has that really got to say about anything in regards to what is seen as a requirement for deserving respect? Themselves of course. Perhaps a need for authority,

Anyway, the nothingness on the other side of the door is also a symbol for the paradox of existance, Schrödingers cat, the empty signifier and everything/nothing, but it was still a place. The nothingness seen as a place is perhaps impossible for human minds to exceed.  Then she started talking about fairies and other dimensions and I had to laugh considering the possibility of every thought or fantasy, religious or not, manifesting in an infinity of realities. The mind needs to create limitations to make existance comprehensible, or tangible, easy to package. Since we only have this physical reality to relate to our visions of the afterlife are the same, or similar, but more etheric in general. Other dimensions on the other hand, we tend to see as a conceptually similar to our.

She was considering this as a childs play, something that would boggle them for life.

I boggled my son on his birthday today by visiting him at work, it was colliding worlds. Mommy at work. The horror. Independent George. I was just being a good mommy by taking the opportunity to see him on his birthday and do some solid household textile shopping at the same time. He works at one of these big shopping areas and advancing for sure, considering shopping is the modern religion.

Well, back to work. Those sheep farmers need scrutiny.

Saturday, March 3


So we went on a field trip with the class to the beautiful summer island Gotland. I have never frozen so much in my entire life like I did this week. There was a blizzard! (note to self: play more) Icy winds and snow, so much snow. It was like a polar expedition and I was dressed for city fab. I don't own any polar expedition clothing. We stayed at a hostel, which was all nice and tidy, but also cold, very cold. The rooms were not just a bit chilly, but also freezing. Not to mention the showers. We had to shower in ice water. Ok, that was an exaggeration, but almost. The water in the showers was warm, but the bathrooms were not heated at all.  The beds were also warm with thick duvets, so no freezing under cover. It was all very interesting though to visit this popular island that most Swedish people know as a summer resort and the home of Pippi Longstocking. To see this nature during the most harsh winter time gave it fantasy feeling. It became GoTland ( Game of Thrones land ). The boat trip was of course Titanic and especially the journey back in the darkness with the ship all covered in ice. No Jack though, or a too shy Jack, or not interested Jack. It was fun getting to know the people in the class a bit more. Unfortunately my schedule was all smacked the entire week which limited the possibilites for socialization with others than group members, room mate and respondents. Seven interviews.We travelled all around Gotland, from north to south, east to west and saw the seaside from all possible angles and directions. Plus a hefty amount of windmills, many with broken or completely chopped off blades.  I never went inside the walls of Visby, there was simply no time. Went to Almedalen library though and sensed the winds of politics flapping aimlessly through the leaflets. So many stories from this journey to tell, but what happened on Gotland stays on Gotland, or? Personally I passed out early every night after being out on the field all day and completely missed out on any intricate intrigues or happenings. The most exciting thing that happened was that someone accidentally took my shoes one night, but got them back next morning. Then the car almost started burning, but that's a different story.


Friday, February 23

The artist discount

 As you can see I get a discount as the creator. 
 Hope you're not jelly.
Laptop sleeve. Everybody must have one. 
Some make their own though.
Which this is actually.