Thursday, May 18

Last haul

It's going to hell. I'm losing my mind. No, not now. Must stay focused. Must do the work.
Talking about the final essay of course. Final for this course, of course. Do you have a horse?
Maybe I should start speaking in morse? Things could not get any worse.

Well, as I wrote on Twitter few minutes ago. I have noticed that every time I add someone to my 'Hotties' list they stop posting. Do they block me from seeing future posts, but I can still se the old ones? Is that a function on Twitter? Or do they actually stop posting?  Can someone check this out? Because if they have blocked me I can't.

But most likely they are petrified that I have given them this priviledged position, that they are rendered hotties, by glorificus me.  They can't handle it. The pressure is too much. They don't believe that an extreme hottie like myself would ever give them any attention and this must surely be a hoax.

We can test this. Name a celebrity you want to stop posting and I will add them to my 'Hotties' list on Twitter. Then we will see if they all follow the same pattern. There are always rebels out there, those who refuse to conform. I want to sort them out. For snacks.

Now I get it,  they freeze.

Friday, May 12

Mm yes...

I've fallen for a fictional character again.

James Marsters, the actor, is now old and married, and the blond hair is no more. What to do, what to do? Maybe he still got the leather coat though...that could work.

Happy weekend! I will be deeply buried in analysing texts.

Thursday, May 4

I can tell...

...from the statistics that Eurovision is coming up soon. I suppose you're all wondering who my next crush will be?
Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
United States
Macedonia (FYROM)

Oh, almost forgot: 
- May the fourth be with you! 

Wednesday, May 3

Just me

I'm plowing through 60-70 articles right now for analysis and it got me thinking, about a lot of stuff. Pyschologial conditioning for example and how you can access a persons weak spots and gain control over them by knowing their past history of abuse. Like women who have been abused as children subconsciously seek out the same type of men and how men who abuse has often also been subjected to or witnessed domestic abuse while growing up. This is not a boo-hoo post about my tragic childhood, but I just realized how my longest relationship ( 13 years) lasted so long even though the guy was an idiot. He had figured out that he could gain control of me by treating me like a child and thereby trigger the parent/child relationship where I was a helpless victim to the abuse (psyhcological and emotional in the relationship, but also physical and sexual in my childhood). He also had some retardation fetish and made me play along with that. Those two factors in combination really messed me up. I can still fall back into that behaviour if I'm not careful, playing stupid is a form of selfdefense and functions as a comfortzone when you want to avoid conflict. I don't want to end up in a relationship where you have be on your guard all the time and watch out for behaviour modification attempts. I've gotten very used to being just me and I like it. It also occured to me that abusive parents doesn't stop abusing because childhood is over, they find new ways to satisfy their need to abuse.

There is no type of abuse I haven't survived. Imagine that. I'm strong. :)

Saturday, April 29


I went to buy some new lipgloss on Thursday. I looked at a few samples and decided for the metallic pink. I saleswoman walked by and said:
- Yes, that's one for you.
With a firm decisive voice.
Ok, I thought, that eased my burden of choice, and headed for the pay desk. There they of course have this membership card, as does every other store and facility. I have limited my number of carry-on cards to three, the maximum amount that fits my phone case. This store's card is not one of the selected.  Well, the saleswoman asked anyway:
- Are you a member?
Since this is a storechain I used to work for before, I assumed I was a member, but knew I hadn't the card with me and since I don't shop there very often ( usually just make-up actually, because they have a fairly big cosmetic department), and the memberhsip could have expired,  I mumbled:
- I don't think so, I don't know.
- Ok.
Then I remembered the points and discounts I could possibly miss out on if I didn't react fast:
- But wait, is it by social security number? You can check, maybe I'm still a member.
Most stores have added this feature for the costumers that refuse to carry all the cards with them.
- Yes, ok, what's your number then?
I said my numbers.
- Yes, it actually looks like you are a member. Unfortunately.
She actually said that. Unfortunately.
Then when I got home and tried on the new lipgloss I discovered why the hating bitch wanted me to buy that particular one, because it dried out the lips completey and made me discover wrinkles I didn't knew I had. Now, a whole day after, my lips still feel dry after using it. Or, is wrinkly lips the new thing? Unfortunately. And. There was a sale on the website for better lipglosses and she withheld that information. Maybe she had a bad day, but she looked crazy. Obsessed crazy, eyes all wild and smile too big for her face. Just like haters look when they try too hard to cover it up. No makeup can help you there. Well, what reasons could she have to hate me? Let's be reasonable here. I really don't know.

Thursday, April 27

Party cancelled

I had plans to go to a 'Creatures of the night'- party this weekend in Stockholm, but it got cancelled.
The local hockey team lost an important game today so the streets will probably be filled with dissapointed supporters eager to pick a fight after a few beers. Staying in could be a good idea, plus that it's only Thursday and I have reading to do. I have found out that I am very uneducated and must better myself. Bad Angelina, bad. Shame on me.

But you know, there's always Enrique.

Saturday, April 22

Poor Zlatan.

His crossbands snapped. The ligamenta cruciata, both of them.  And we had plans this weekend. I don't know if he can make it to the dancefloor, but I hardly think it's his final move.

Foto: Kanal 9