Wednesday, October 2

Alien evaluation of humanity

If you were an alien sent to live a life on Earth to evaluate whether humanity deserves rescue or not, what would your evaluation be? What parameters would you use in your evaluation? I would consider level of empathy towards other lifeforms as most important. But perhaps you are searching to preserve a ruthless, evil, sinister and corrupt race, one that would sell their children for a pack of cigarettes? However, if you have come on a possible rescue mission to evaluate if humanity displays any qualities that would be beneficial for preservation of life in general with qualities like empathy,  intelligence and the ability of holistic awareness, a race that values life as such , then would you say you have found that here on Earth? I have found that among smaller groups of people, rare individuals representing a very small percentage of humanity. With the risk of sounding Shopenhaueresque I don't think humanity deserves rescue, however the climate striking youth may change my mind. The way we treat animals, nature, children and ultimately each other is in many ways horrific and despicable. Based on that , I would not care to save humanity from its own destruction. Humanity is based upon greed as the primary driving force. Humans want to win. They want to be best and beat the rest. The majority of humans are self sufficient narcissistic assholes. What use do the universe have for them?  If they would come in contact with other/alien civilizations they would not adapt, they would try to conquer, exploit and destroy, as they have done throughout history so far. Humanity has a long way to evolve before they can be considered worthy of preservation. The millions of other lifeforms on the planet Earth must however be rescued and preserved, as they represent a miraculous plethora of life living in harmonious symbiosis by themselves. Humans have only ruined the planet and disrupted and destroyed that natural harmony between all other lifeforms. From an life preservation perspective, valuing all lifeforms as equal, the millions of non-human lifeforms on Earth outweighs humanity. From a life preserving democratic perspective the logical solution would be to remove humanity from the planet. Perhaps leave a few selected groups who have displayed qualities that are harmonious with the millions of other species. Just as sectarian communities need to be disrupted and divided, so does humanity. If we consider humanity a species to preserve, they should because of their destructive collective nature be divided and placed on different planets with different types of civilizations that are living in harmony with their natural environment, where the humans are vastly outnumbered by the indigenous populations and kept under strict surveillance until their destructive nature has been eradicated.  Don't you think?

Wednesday, September 25

This is important

The critical level of environmental degradation is going to be the destruction of humanity unless we act now. It has already destroyed many other species, which is terrible enough, and more species are doomed to become extinct. Humanity is only one species of millions inhabiting this planet, not worth more or less than the rest, only in their own minds.  Maybe a few rich people will escape to Mars or the Moon and inbreed until they eventually also die out and maybe a small group of people will survive on Earth, but also eventually grow infertile, if not because of inbreeding then because of being exposed to pollution.  Maybe we will come in contact with aliens who can help us, maybe not. Looking at the history of humanity we are not likely to solve the problems with environmental degradation in time by ourselves.

Tuesday, September 24

The crazy crazy Belgians

See article here:

I wanted to make a post about Greta, how wonderful it is to see this young woman take place in the public room and speaking her mind, telling it like it is and making a stand for the environment. An issue far more important than anything else right now.

But then I googled myself. On the 18th of September the crazy Belgians had posted another idiotic article where I'm mentioned. They are apparently obsessed by me and can't let go. They want my reaction. They are very much like stalkers that way. The difference between media and stalkers is that media you must adress, otherwise if the story goes without replying people will think it's the truth, which it rarely is, and this is no exception. To read the entire article one must pay, which I of course will not, but the headline and the picture says enough. They want me to be that prison groupie that is all excited about Belgian prisoners now being on dating sites. They want me to rush to the dating sites and declare my undying love for each and everyone of them. What fantastic headlines that would give them. How much money they would earn from selling newspapers. So, basically they are using me to give their article attention, because those criminals won't. They are just nobodies. It's pathetic. Do you want an interview Belgians? The rate has redoubled since last time we spoke. Just so you know. 

Thursday, September 5

In detail

Last Sunday Mr X came by unexpectedly. We had not decided to meet that day. We have been 'dating' for 8 years. A very useless relationship. More like friends with benefits, but only beneficial for him. He comes in, takes off his clothes, folds them and places them on the chair in the hallway, then goes to the bedroom and expects me to be there naked and ready. Same routine every time. No romance whatsoever. In the beginning there was, but it faded quickly.  He treats me like I was a prostitute, that he visits to satisfy his needs. Only the money is missing. He probably thought I was the dumbest whore in the world, who let him have it for free. I let him come around because it was convenient to get laid every once in a while, since nobody else seemed interested, or interesting. Lately he had become more and more violent in bed. Slapping and tossing me around without considering how I felt, biting my nipples, holding my wrists tights and once even covered my mouth while holding my wrist. It became more and more like a rape. I confronted him about his violent tendencies several times and he promised to be more careful, but instead it got worse. It was like he was taking out all his hatred for women and for Sweden on me. He has a job, which is changing diapers on elderly people. On his spare time he engages in petty crimes. One time he wanted me to kiss his shoulders, right after Black Axe had been in the news. So, this Sunday he comes by. I was feeling down, and though maybe some sex will cheer me up, but I realized pretty soon that was a mistake. In bed the abuse began right away. Biting nipples, slapping butt, tight grip around wrists, and hard fucks. I said stop. I said no. I said it hurts. Then he tossed me around and took me from behind. Very hard again and I said stop. I said no. I said it hurts. Then he took his hand and hit my lower back really hard, and then he did it again. He had my legs pressed between his legs, so I didn't fall down on the bed, but my back broke instead. Then he came and left, quickly as he could. I texted him that he had abused me again and that this was the last time. Now this is over. He texted back that he was sorry and that it wouldn't happen again. I thought the pain in the back would fade, but it got worse and I fear the worst. So tomorrow I will go to the hospital and get an x-ray to see if there are fractures. The pain is mostly in the lower back where he hit me twice and in the neck from the tossing. I'm afraid to report to the police of course. Since they never do anything and always take the predators party. If I make it to the police station that is. He could easily get a gun and shoot me, to defend his imaginary honor. I told a friend in a chat about what happened, and since we had talked about him before, she knew who it was. She said, that considering his rape-like behavior in bed he has probably raped before and I get that feeling as well. He only cares about satisfying his sexual urges and keeping up appearances in society. He's not coming into my life anymore. If my back heals and I will survive any retaliation attacks for ratting him out as the piece of shit he is, then that would be a miracle.  Prior experiences doesn't give me any hope. If you report a crime, then you are pointed out as a criminal yourself, deluded, irrational , hysterical and dangerous even, to justify more crimes committed against you. If you don't report the crime and just tell your friends, then it's basically the same. The only way to not be punished for speaking up about the crime is being silent and accept that you are worthless and have no rights, because that's how men all over the world see women. If I get murdered for writing this, you know who did it. There are basically four antagonists to chose from, of which this is one. They might work together on this and I will write down their names on a piece of paper and hide it somewhere in the apartment.