Wednesday, January 16

Animal intelligence

Maybe it's time for us to re-evaluate how we define intelligence? What we have considered intelligence, to conclude what we have constituted as logical solutions to preconstructed problems designed to produce measurable results , is perhaps an outdated paradigm of what we from our limited view, as inventors of the conceptual intelligence, has managed to comprehend so far. Animals and nature does not cause environmental degradation, we do. It is our limited intelligence that has caused environmental degradation. In that sense animals and nature seem to have more knowledge and understanding of how to live intelligently and sustainably. The narrowmindedness of humanity, the limitations of our intelligence, our definition of intelligence, our values of the conceptual intelligence are obstacles we must learn to work with. The conceptual intelligence stems from cultural ideas of valuable personal traits. We value idiots who can solve mathematical equations, when we should value idiots who have the capacity to view the bigger picture, who possess omniscience. Wisdom. We are all idiots, except animals and nature. They are waiting for us to wake up and smell the coffee. Running into our lives, into our backyard with their babies begging for food, into our cars dying, into our slaughterhouses dying, into our boats dying, into our guns, dying. Into our social media showing their lives through human eyes, the death, horrors and cute memes. It's like opening a can of worms. We feel them. When did we stop having compassion for animals? Or is it a quality that has developed and still is? Are they entering our solipsistic bubbles consciously? Can we acknowledge that they are in fact smarter than us, have more wisdom and knowledge that goes beyond our intellectual comprehension and is something that needs to be experienced. Animals love. They love us. They love life. They love nature and they love themselves. We need to stop what we are doing, re-evaluate intelligence and learn to live in a peaceful  and sustainable co-existence with animals and nature. We need to listen to the animals, look in their eyes and feel them and promise them that this torture will end. Imagine the hopelesness they feel, being surrounded by idiots all this time and still loving them. We are ruining their homes, lives, murdering them and their children systematically for no good reasons, because nothing can justify this.

Today is my birthday (49) please donate to an animal rights organization.

Thanks Yohio. I don't know if he knows it's my birthday or just randomly released this video today, but I assume it's for me anyway. 

Tuesday, January 15

Marketing is fun

I keep telling myself that. But it is, to some extent. It's creative.  I remember my days in telemarketing.  That's when I basically lost my hearing. It's not a job I recommend for anyone. I learned some sales tricks though, I think. Like with this picture, you get two for one. 

Sunday, January 13

Have a nice weekend!

Zlatan. Mm, yes, I think he misses me. In the book I named him Zebra. Perhaps that is why he had to become the lion. As a rebellion against the vicitmization of being the prey. You should read my book. It is very interesting, terrifying and not to mention mindaltering.

The irony is not lost on me that it's already Sunday, but hey, I can take a whole week weekend. I really should.

Wednesday, January 9

No government

No government here, no government there. Not in Sweden, not in USA. Trump has had a keen eye on Sweden for all while, so perhaps he is shutting down the US government just to mimick Sweden. What happens when there is no government? In Sweden everything works perfectly, nothing has changed, life is smooth and easy. Maybe we should dismantle governments all together? One dictator to rule them all. Well, it's wrong to say Sweden has no government as people are still working at their posts. We just don't have a new governments since the election last year. No new ideology to base our decisions on. No new Prime Minister. What if it turned out the Swedish non-government is caused by something else entirely than the reluctance to cooperate with neo-nazis. What if the majority of votes went to something or someone they don't want to mention? There are always votes on Donald Duck etc. Of course I'm fantasizing about that people have voted for me. I'm the natural choice. As for Donald (Trump) I have one thing to day: Dismantle the wall. It prevents animals from moving around in their natural habitat. We humans have no place restricting the lives of animals. 

Tuesday, January 8

The paranormal

As I stated before this blog investigates synchronicities, which according to Jung were proof of a paranormal reality. If that is the case, and not just a massive amount of random coincidences; this blog is proof of the paranormal. Nowhere else will you find so many synchronicities.

Someone has been watching Sabrina.

Friday, January 4

Tight skirts and high heels

I finished watching all episodes of House of Cards. So many loose ends. Joel was there, briefly. Relatively uninteresting character though. The daddy/husband/politician mixture. It had many strong female characters, but they all had to walk around in high heels all the time. It reminded me of Suits where the women had the same dress code and pattern of body movement. Tight skirts and high heels. Very unnatural. Do women in power in America have to dress up like this? High heels and any  type of garment that overly restrict your movements should be a laughing matter. Comfort before oppression. A woman in power wearing that 'costume' also signals that she is a victim of oppression.  Do women have to suffer physical pain with these uncomfortable attributes in order to reach positions of power? I suppose the patriarchal corporate and governmental arenas still support oppression of women. To them women are to be seen as statues of stupidity, for agreeing to this nonsense. Dress code aside, the female characters dispalyed the same ambition and ruthlessness as the male characters in their quest for power.
It's a sickening series really.

For all that is said.

About 2010. I deserve indemnity for all the damages done to myself and my family members, All the damages involve physical, emotional and psychological trauma, financial loss and ruined private, social and professional relationships. No apologies or excuses. 

Wednesday, January 2

Welcome 2019

So far I haven't done much. Been eating the sandwhichcake and watching House of Cards. It's so cold here and gets dark so early that if you're not a habitual morning person, the daylight hours are only glimpsed from behind the curtain in the early hours.  I have of course also been working, started to assemble the exam and been working at and marketing the tarot line. The Xmas sale is over. Oh, I did play Assassin's Creed Odyssey yesterday, had fun roaming the seas battling other ships.

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