Friday, June 22

I care

Poor Melania. "I don't really care, do you?". Does she not really care about what people are saying behind her back? Has it no meaning?  Of course this must be mansplained. If Donald really wanted to attempt to save the situation he could have gone for a different explanation than adressing fake news. Not that it actually could save the situation, because the childcamps are unforgivable. Does he mean that the childcamps are fake with child actors, as someone on Twitter said? It's an incredible accusation directed to people who are suffering. He could have said it was a rhetorical provocation with the purpose to create engagement in the issue of the children. But he didn't, instead he used it as firewood in his personal battle with media. Which is to spit in the face of the children. It says he cares more about his own appearance than of anything else. Even if he had gone for the rhetorical provocation angle it still would have been insulting, but it would also have signaled an attempt to care.  And #wherearethegirls ?

Happy midsummer everybody.

Wednesday, June 20

Friday, June 15

The long stay

I'm planning on staying until Midsummer, which is 19 days total. On day 10 now, 9 days to go. Well, it's a bit uncomfortable on my mothers couch and to find some time alone seems impossible. On the other hand, my son is getting his home throroughly cleaned. I'm in on sorting his wardrobe now, throwing away old stuff that is either too small, too out of style or too worn out. The out of style can stay in some cases, because you never know when it comes back. The too small fits me, so it's win-win situation. I have already acquired  three hoodies. The weather doesn't allow beachdays, yet. Raining now and it's been cold all week. Always some writing to do though, catching up on this and that.

Tuesday, June 12

I think he still wants me

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚---" not a chance." , mm but look at those abs.

Sunday, June 10

North bottom

We went to see Solo: A Star Wars Story on Friday. As I might have mentioned: I have seen all Star Wars films in the cinema as they came out. One good thing I can accredit my mother, as a science fiction enthusiast, that she took me with her to watch the first three Star Wars: episode 4, 5 and 6. 
Then I had a relationship with a Star Wars fanatic for 13 years and when it ended I broke all his Star Wars toys. Wasn't more than fair, imo. When I had it up to here and reached (north) bottom. Well, that was some Star Wars curiosa.

It was entertaining. A little bit short on Kosmonaut Planemo references, but otherwise good.

Monday, June 4

All in Suits


Friday, June 1

Guys are avoiding me

This is new, and weird. At the bodycombat class every Wednesday there are usually at least three guys who take the class regularly, but all three have been absent the past three times at least. And, today the last day of class at the university, none of the guys in the class showed up.
Wonder if this is a coincidence or a pattern? The future will tell.  Oh and yes, keep me waiting half my life and see how that works out for you. This doesn't apply to internet though, just irl. Maybe I'm too scary to meet for real? Chicken. Migraine and bad mood all day. I was wondering why that was, then the rain and thunderstorm came. Problem solved. Started watching Suits. Not because Meghan Markle, I realized she was in the show, and who she was after perhaps two episodes:
- Isn't that the woman that got married to that prince somewhere..?
I like it though. Some really strange coincidences there as well. Other than that, I have just been trashing this newly formed band on fb. I thought they needed some constructive criticism instead of hearing about how cute and good they always are and how they never can do anything wrong because they are such sweethearts. Yes, it's sickening. Hence: me.

I'm having an 80's music crush, better late than never...again.