Sunday, May 19

The net her lands

The boring piano player with too big teeth:   "Loving you is a losing game.."
No matter how you twist and turn, I win anyway.

I have much to say about ESC this year. I would have been fun to have it in Stockholm next years, as I turn 50, but going to the Netherlands..that could be dangerous.They still remember me as a legendary evil witch. Which is good, respect for upholding that image. But seriously, this year, the plastic beard, the thigh high boots, the bondage, Madonna, was just more surreal and grotesque than ever, so no wonder this lame type won. People couldn't handle all the drama and voted for normality.

Tuesday, May 14

Part 2 snippets

"Remember I told you about the incident with Satan, when she pretended to yell at me while she was talking on the phone, so that the neighbors would get the impression we were fighting about something and that she threatened to send me to the mental hospital? And that she ran into the bathroom to yell that, because it echoes there. I also heard her throw something in the sink then. When I went into the bathroom my toothbrush was in the sink, not on the shelf. Satan has a cabinet full of various medications in the kitchen. She once poisoned my cat to death. Used it a a guinea pig for what she is planning to do with me. This was the last day I was there after a week and half stay. If she had injected poison into my toothpaste earlier during my time there, someone else might have used it, or I might have tasted the chemicals and she would have been revealed. I have saved the tube to get it analyzed, but most likely she decided that it was safest to put the poison on directly my toothbrush the last day, after I had brushed my teeth in the morning. Toothbrushes can fall anywhere. When confronted,  she could have argued that the toothbrush must have fallen on the floor and there was residue there from when she had been cleaning the sewer or that I must have dropped in on the train and it got contaminated there. She tried this trick last time I was there as well. I remember it now. I was leaving my toothbrush and she noticed:
- You forgot to pack your toothbrush.
- No, I can leave it here, I have a new one at home. Then I have a toothbrush next time I get here.
- Are you sure? Shouldn't you take it anyway, maybe you need it on the train?
- No, I will be fine.
That old toothbrush was not there next time I visited. So she used the phone call and the shouting as a distraction from the fact that she took my toothbrush and drenched it in poison."

Monday, May 13

Planet sounds

This is just amazing, if you excuse my choice of adjective. The planetary sounds sounds like my music and Saturn sounds like my singing. :) I could just listen to this forever. Inspires me to make music again.

Sunday, May 12

Ted Bundy

I started watching the Bundy tapes on Netflix some weeks ago, thought it was quite boring at first and stopped watching, but then the adaptation for the screen with Zac Efron came out, which I had to watch ( because Efron is hot). This triggered an interest to finish watching the documentary.

It's a quite interesting case, because Bundy got to defend himself even though he was not a lawyer. At that time the DNA technique was not developed either, so the physical evidence they had was his dental impression on one of the victims buttocks. If you watch the film it shows Bundy was dragged out from prison in the middle of the night to a dentist who took pictures of his teeth and perhaps made a dental cast of his teeth. A dental cast that could have been used to make the dental impression afterwards in order to fabricate evidence. I'm not saying he was innocent, just pointing out how easy it is to frame someone for a crime if you work within the justice system. It is also interesting that he claimed his innocence until the end and according to the film he confessed at the end to gain a few more hours to live. We all know a person put under pressure and torture will confess to anything just to save their own lives. I suppose we will never know the truth.  Psychopaths also lie about everything and appear as the nicest persons in the world, charming,  and know exactly what to say to escape the truth.

Friday, May 10

Stupid Belgians

"That curiosity was not always appreciated. Like when you gave Angelina Elander, the artist who glorified Kim De Gelder, a forum. Even when you spoke to a pedophile, the room was too small." (Jeroen Denaeghel 

Liekens: “I am a supporter of the ubuntu philosophy that Nelson Mandela propagated: talk to someone with whom you fundamentally disagree. This is how you progress as a society. Hiding someone in a well is counterproductive. Because how can we recognize the pathological behavior of a pedophile if we have not talked extensively with him? Knowledge is power and the beginning of all wisdom. Just look at me! (laughs)"

I can not believe my eyes. Seriously? It's an interview article with Goedele Liekens, who's talk show I visited in 2010. Now they are interviewing her about her choice of subjects and place me in the same category as pedophiles. I was a victim of a pedophile myself and would never replicate that disgusting behavior. Some pedophile victims do however.

I did not glorify Kim De Gelder, if that is the content you got from my interview then you didn't listen at all, only searched to validate your own prior assumptions. The question is constructed in a way that it insinuates that I am a pedophile as well. This is a public document. I will report this to the police. Unfortunately the police in Sweden is corrupt enough to not do shit about it, as usual. The police force in Sweden is the most misogynist organization in the world. They are worse than Isis. If a woman reports a crime they will just laugh her in the face, unless she comes from a wealthy family who is friends with the police chief.

I need a lawyer. I am going to sue every piece of shit that is twisting my words to fit their agendas. Sensation seeking idiots.

After my appearance in Goedeles talk show, she came up to me and said that she agreed with what I said, that I was right, so how hypocritical is this?