Tuesday, October 17

New video: Thabisa

Short film about a visit to an artgallery.

My hair looked terrible that day.

Tuesday, October 10


First I thought it was Manson with Depp make-up, but it seems to be Johnny, for real. Anyway, despite Johnny, the gore and the monotonous music, it's just another stereotypical rockvideo were women are portrayed as naked sexobjects clinging to the men. Shame. Shouldn't this duo be a trio? You know who I mean. Not that I care about him anymore, but I remember mentioning something about the three of them many years ago in a textual representation of the said stereotypic imagery.


Box I almost bought at a market in Durban.
Because it reminded me of this that is hanging on my bedroom wall. 
At least I took a picture of it.

Friday, October 6

Stuck in the airport

Since I'm stuck the airport in Qatar I might as well do some blogging. I could start working even. This is just to warm up a little before analyzing begings. Many hours of work can be done. Could already have been done, but I was so tired after the almost 12 hour flight from South Africa. First I flew to Johannesburg from Durban, and then Doha and now waiting for my flight to Stockholm. Doha is a nice airport, but unless you have 8 hours or more before your connecting flight, you are not allowed outside the airport and there is no restaurant with open fresh air. I wish there was, because while taking the transfer from the plane to the airport I felt the heat of the air here which made me feel like being outside, not sitting indoors in a perfume drenched facility. Well enough complaining. Ok, I broke my pinkie toe the day before yesterday too. Hit it on the already packed suitcase lying on the bedroomfloor.

Before I left I placed out some items in the flat as an art installation. Hope they like it. A bit personal perhaps, but after living with these people for three months it's inevitable. I have so many stories to tell, maybe it will be a whole book. A travelbook. I have to start writing it soon, before the memories fade. No rush though, have work to do first and I have discovered that my memory doesn't fade much, it stays pretty much intact if I tap into the moment, mostly. For example I remember that Anne ate churros at our first dinner out with the family. She had forgotten. At one of the last of many markets we went to she saw churros and said:
- I don't think I've ever had those.
Which was what I said that other time, but she ate them then. The churros with chocolate dip sauce. The ones at the market we're already sauced up and had nut sprinkles on them too. Let's not forget the balls either or the de- balling, or the whip. Just imagine lying in bed knowing that when you open the door there will be monkeys.

Monday, October 2

This was different.


Completely lost in their old music still though, because I just discovered it.

Wednesday, September 27

I'm sold

He seems to have all the desirable qualities I subconsciously must be looking for in a man. Based on prior research.
I said I wouldn't do this again, but they are a delight, so cheeky and fluid..and dynamic.

Yeah, I suppose it's time to get back to work. Fanboys can wait.

Monday, September 25

Hello readers

You know I like to confide in you at times. About love matters. I'm not going to do that anymore. I have discovered that showing no initiative whatsoever seems to be what works best. This blogpost is constructed to say just that and should in no way resemblence any form of initiative by itself.

It's just the idea of being completely alone in all that vast emotion that makes you think that if anybody else would enter that vastness they would probably die before even reaching the outer realms. So there's a small timeframe. It would be nice if he sort of shouted that I love you back while struggling, so I at least heard that.  I'm losing my hearing anyway, so just any type of mumbling could be interpreted as a declaration of love.

I have so fallen in love with this band too.
They are coming out with a new album soon. I know that because I started stalking them. But I won't fall into the fangirl marketing trap again. Too many times I have fallen for that. He's cute though. Reminds me of someone. He's probably got a new girlfriend now anyway.