Thursday, April 27

Party cancelled

I had plans to go to a 'Creatures of the night'- party this weekend in Stockholm, but it got cancelled.
The local hockey team lost an important game today so the streets will probably be filled with dissapointed supporters eager to pick a fight after a few beers. Staying in could be a good idea, plus that it's only Thursday and I have reading to do. I have found out that I am very uneducated and must better myself. Bad Angelina, bad. Shame on me.

But you know, there's always Enrique.

Saturday, April 22

Poor Zlatan.

His crossbands snapped. The ligamenta cruciata, both of them.  And we had plans this weekend. I don't know if he can make it to the dancefloor, but I hardly think it's his final move.

Foto: Kanal 9

Friday, April 21

About dicpics.

I read an article today about dicpics in the swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. It's about how men send dicpics to children and also show dicpis on their phone to both children and random women they meet out in public. This is of course despicable and is not just a sign of pedophilia but also a way to degrade abuse women, to show their 'power'.

But, aside from this deviant sickly behaviour, I would like to talk about the self degrading aspect of the men who feel compelled to send dicpics. A woman can also ask for a dicpic, and if the man doesn't comply, she will perhaps think there's something wrong with his genital organs and also feel insulted for the lack of obedience, so most men do comply here.

I used to have a nice collection of dicpics and often encourged the people who flirted with me, or me with them, to send dicpics, to add to the collection. I felt ashamed for this, because it is degrading towards the man to be asked to take a dicpic. That was me abusing my power as a woman.

I have deleted this collection now. Soory guys, you did it for nothing. I was considering making an art exhibition out of it and even mentioned it both here on the blog and to my friends, but some other artist either stole the idea or came up with something similar before I got to it. Some of the guys were happy to oblige though and got flattered, just as I got if someone sent me a dicpic before I asked for it.

This is not me asking for more, just adding to the debate that not all dicpics are bad. There are good dicpics out there. I've seen it. I know they exist. I also find something endearing in the notion that men like to take dicpics, that they feel that kind of love for themselves. It's a healthy behaviour unless it goes to children, or adults who are unprepared or obviously not interested.  It can be hard to know if a woman, or man, is interested though, initally talking to them usually gives a good indication.


New artwork 'Siamese' is now available as prints on RedBubble. I named it 'Siamese' because it's two heads attached to one neck. Surrealist as always. The original is also for sale. It's an aquarelle on thick acidfree A3 paper. If you want to purchase the original mail me at

Happy shopping. :)

Tuesday, April 18

Hello Germany!

What's up? The weekly statistics say you are flirting with me. ;) Thank you for pushing Kosmonaut Planemo over the top to more than 100 000 visitors. 

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I know Darin was in Germany last week, what did he tell you? It's all lies and rumours you know. :D

Tuesday, April 11

Still snotty

Literally. My head is full of new ideas that I never thought I would have. Very big stuff going on if all things work out. Not well enough to start working out though, must be little less snotty first. After a meeting with a teacher at the university my head is spinning from new ideas she put in there. Now I must focus like I have never focused before. This I must not fail. However, I'm a bit jaded when it comes to these essays and feel like I could write them in my sleep. No real planning required. Sui generis is my motto. This of course indicates the opposite; that I must not take this too lightly and work while there is time. Much time can go wasted if one is careless. Usually something unexpected happens, so it's best to avoid the most known time-thieves. Well, wish me luck.  

This is an oilpainting I made when I was 2 years old.

Sunday, April 9

Hung over

Not so bad though, could have been worse. I should stop partying. I say a lot of stuff, talk all the time. I think it's an occupational injury from working with telemarketing and on a  tarot line where you often must repeat the same information in different ways. Add alcohol to that and there is no stopping the serial babbling. I'm not a serial babbler normally, very quiet most of the time actually, but one also has more social periods. I fell with the bike, while standing, and hit my cheek to the ground. Tried to get up on the bike perhaps twice, but discovered pretty fast that I was way too drunk to manage the vehicle. Now I got a red mark on the cheek.  Headache too, slight nausea and anxiety. From not really remembering everything and from remembering something. It was a hat-party, that I remember. We had fun and I ate a hotdog on the way home. Then that crazy Russian started calling.

Friday, April 7

The attack in Stockholm

It's National Beer Day, in America. ( related tweets from The Expanse: Miller, my flirt with etc) The truck ( my alleged halfsister is a truckdriver) was from Spendrups. I spent not a lot, but some money on a shoppingspree today, unknowingly this happened at the same time just a few miles away. I bought a jacket, a hat, panties, whine and returned a belt for a smaller size. When I got home someone had placed an empty bottle of Tegnér & Son outside my door. My favourite liqueur too. The swedish word for liqueur is 'likör' where 'lik' means 'corpse'  or 'similar' and 'kör' means 'drive' or 'choir'. I was once in a choir.  In 1999 I worked at the attacked building and I was in Stockholm last weekend. It's my mother's namesday. Irmelin actually measn Irmeli's, in Finnish then I'm Irmelin tytär ( daughter). 

Those are the interpellations (personal connotations ) so far. I wonder if the police have thought this far, or this narrow.  The perpetrator could be one of my obsessed stalkers, they should, for the safety of all, take all the stalkers in for questioning. I for one would be very thankful. 


Now that this masterpiece is finished, it is up for sale. The starting pize is:  €450 
If you want to buy it send a mail to
I named it 'Psychedelish', because it's so deliciously psychedelic.
Size: A3
It will also be up on Redbubble as prints soon. 
In a few minutes. 
I have three variations of it there.
 People like options.