Tuesday, January 16

I was born at 8pm.

Or 20.00 as we say in Sweden. 48 years ago in this town Gävle, that I'm living in now. I haven't always lived here though. I was shuffled up to Luleå at age 4, then I moved to Stockholm at age 26, then back to Luleå at age 32, then to Gävle at age 40. Which means I have only been a resident in 3 cities, so far. Both my parents were born in 1948 and I'm in 1970, so this year they turn 70 and I 48. Well, just my mother actually, since my dad is dead. 10 days from now he has been dead for 7 years. 9 days from now my grandmother has been dead for 6 years. 8 days from now my upper left wisdomtooth was pulled out by a crazy dentist 4 year ago. 7 days from now 9 years ago a horrible massmurder took place in Belgium. On this day 9 years ago a poor old woman was murdered by the same person. January is a bad month. People are justified in calling it JanuWorry. I like Veganuary though, the no killing policy should also cover humans. Stay safe.

Sunday, January 14

Friday, January 12

Shame on you, Cardi B!

I don't give a shit about your money moves.  All I see is a wild animal captured and tortured for the sake of entertainment. How fucking stupid can you get !?

Thursday, January 11


A Thomas Jane imposter started sending me messages on Twitter. He/she/it was claiming to be the real one. I checked the profile and discovered it was fake immediately, but it was an exact copy of the original. I engaged in the messaging out of curiosity, thinking it might be him, cowardly hiding behind fakeness. Since it's not an unusual behavior among men. Reading the messages and the questions the imposter was posing it became clear it was not the real McCoy. For example, TJ would never ask me where I'm from, or call me a fan. The use of language was also way out of style. The imposter even became angry and threatening when I refused to believe the scam, saying that he/she/it created the profile to be able to talk privately. But why create an exact copy of an official account, add me publicly and then say, please don't tell anyone about this account.  Then the imposter said  "I can't easily believe I also have a fan like you", which sort of caught my attention, because that is exactly the same use of words and syntax that is significant for Taylor Swift. You know I don't like you Taylor, why can't you just accept this?

This is the fake account.

This is the real McCoy.
It is of course confusing on internet, he liked this:
If you follow TJ and keep track of his likes, this could be a point of reference. As in HIM, which means the imposter can also be Ville Valo, who's had a crush on me since eons ago but never gotten any further with it other than puppeteering out in the cold Chicago winter.

Graph of Blogger page views
Still have no clue what happened in June though.
Just another point of reference.

Friday, January 5

Green Infrastructure prints

 Is this sexist? 
 Nah, it's just funny, right?
Becuse I'm a woman. 😂

New artwork

I started this aquarelle last year, before I went to Africa, and only had time, or took the time, to finish it yesterday.  The body has twisted proportions because I drew it with the paper lying down on the table, so if you tilt the image from that angle, perhaps 45 degrees , it looks normal. Then again, it made the image more interesting. She looks a bit like a gorilla, with the long muscular  arms and the big head.  I decided to call it "Green Infrastructure", because it's what's on my mind right now, and the image fits the title, as in representing the human attempt to integrate with nature. The nature is here represented by the organic structures on the architectural structures. Green vision, the Earth, countries, beauty ideals, feminism, strenght...

It will soon be up on RedBubble as prints. :)

Tuesday, January 2

I was considering going.

But here I was stuck on a train outside Bastuträsk for four hours.

And here I had already ruled it out.

It was allegedly their last concert, ever. 😂 I don't know why I'm laughing at this, but for some reason I find it funny. Maybe it's that reverse reaction you can get sometimes.  I really love their music though, can't say anything else about that.

Saturday, December 30

Goodbye to the old

And welcome the new. Might as well do a new years post right now, because I will be busy. Not saying we should say goodbye to old people in general, they might take offense, but as a metaphor for letting things that does not serve us anymore go. That however implies we must at all times be served. It's perhaps more of a jolly salute to the future, to embrace changes. I wish all my readers a very happy new year! Stay biodegradable. There's a service perhaps most of you already heard of, where you can transform your corpse into a diamond. I was thinking that what if it becomes a common procedure, it would be an ultimate sign of the artificial part of the antropocene. Not to mention how pretty the graveyards would become, sparkling like snow in the streetlights.

I had such a wonderful year, could not have wished for any better, I challange 2018 to top that. 😘